How we Express Ourselves! An inquiry into the ways in which we express ourselves through feelings, culture, values, nature, ideas and the ways we extend our creativity. Our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Week 1:

For this reflection, we had to explain why we had unpacked the unit.

We had to type out all our learning for what we've come through so far. We also had to type out what we've been through, and what challenges we might face.


We had talked with sixth graders just to get a better understanding of how our PYP exhibition would be like, what problems we might face, and even how you'll feel when actually presenting to children! I also learnt that whenever we come across a problem which seems to hard to solve, we'll never be able to solve it. We need trust and faith to succeed. Faith in your team members, yourself, and the interest you are choosing.

Here we've experienced looking at the most creative drawings, pottery objects, and many more innovative ideas! Here is what I've drawn at my perspective to what I've seen:

My Perspective Drawing for what I've seen at Kala Ghoda



From the town Hall meetings, I learnt that there will be many unknown challenges we will have to face, but with participation, courage, acknowledgment, we could easily solve these problems! I also learnt that if we feel that we can't succeed, we won't! The faith in yourself, your team members, your passion can lead you far more ahead. We even saw a video named Color of Reality which used mix-media and had a moral or message behind it. In addition to learning, I saw another video about a biker doing very impressive tricks. After watching these 2 videos we discussed what the message was, how long it took for everyone to work hard on their passion!

We had to choose three interests which we'd like our PYP Exhibition to be based on. I have chosen:

  • Poetry
  • Mime
  • Cartoons


Poetry has always been my passion along with sketching and acting. I had felt that Poetry was my interest. Mainly because I have the habit of creating my own poems at home. I even like evaluating on other poems which famous poets had written!

what do I know about this topic? I have always loved writing, I have written my own stories, composed songs, and even a few acts! Writing is one of the most evident ways to express yourself.

How do I know it? I have evaluated other writings by famous writers, and I like reading them.

What experiences do I have with this topic- My writing was shared with my teachers and appreciated. Personally, in my spare time, I like to think what I have been through and maybe write a small story in my perspective!

What do I want to know- I want to be more briefed with the elements of writing, final details, and revise them.

What ideas am I interested in- I am interested in the different genres of writing.

What are my questions- How will I work with my group? How will we collaborate? Do we think the same of this topic, and if not how different are our ideas?

What am I feeling- Very jubilant and nervous.


Now we had met our group members! I was very nervous at the beginning, but excited at the same time! I wondered how the people may be like, but I realized that I didn't have to be afraid of their qualities, what I had to worry was whether we had the same interest or not which we obviously do. I really feel that we could ace this exhibition, and even if it doesn't seem like we're going to be able to finish, I will try my best to pull the group together! Overall, what I do know is that our goal is to participate and make this a wonderful experience.

Week 3

I am very excited to discuss every single element related to writing. First of all, our teacher decided to test us on how well we could cooperate. We had to create a bridge as sturdy to hold a pen holder and as broad to place the holder and slide through. We made sure we involved everyone's ideas and in the end, we were one of the winners! We started by making essential agreements, rules we would have to obey, and if we don't there will be consequences to face.

We are growing a bond between each one of us, there is a lot of brainstorming happening, and we are collaborating more! I feel we can ace this exhibition!

our new mentor

We discovered that we will be having a mentor to guide us throughout this exhibition journey. Our first meeting went very well, we discussed about our passion for writing, how we could furthermore brainstorm, and how we would be able to achieve our goals. Her name is Ms. Medha. She herself is an amazing writer, and an amazing guide. Whenever there is a problem, we simply ask her and she gives us sites, suggestions, or briefs us verbally. I appreciate the way she is trying to help us.

where might I go to find more information- I can use appropriate books, websites, search engines and even consider interviews!

What key words could I use in my searches- I can should use writing, how it affects us, who are some writers..., where is the...., what is the....

Where can I find different points of view on this- I can interview different people and see how they perceive the information.

What can I do to learn more- visit more websites, interviews,

How do I know if my resources are good- From the earlier session with an IT teacher, make sure that your resource has the author's name and when it was last updated.

What am I feeling at this phase- Good, I can ace this.

T- Shirt designing!

Today, we learnt that we are going to create T- shirts which each one of our team members should wear! I was very excited, and I think that my team mates are excited too! I even got to see what some other sixth graders did last year! We had to first have our own ideas, and not sharing it with anyone. We would get a sheet of paper with a T'shirt outline. We had to draw a logo (which we think) and a creative slogan. Then, we vote on a committee which chooses the best designs for the group! I can't wait to get started!


Today we went over our LOI and central idea with Ms. Swapna and Ms.Vimi. I feel I participated a lot, and helped resolve the group's problems! We even made a name for the group; Pen n' Paper Pals!


One of our group members had left the group all of sudden, I hope she likes her new group. So, now we were onto creating questions and grouping them. Ms. Medha has tweaked most of the Lines of Inquiry. I'm looking forward to tomorrow because we are against time. Hopefully, we will achieve this goal!


How can I sort the information found- I can use graphs, charts, and graphic organizers

Do I need to find out more information- Yes, I should gather as much as I can then sort it to see which is actually helpful and what topics its based on.

What are my questions now, how have they changed- I now have learnt more than before. Right now, a few of my questions are how should a writer act responsible? What is plagiarism? Can I connect this to the world?

What changes do I need to make to my inquiry- We have to change LOI 2 to Writer's Responsibility, and 3 to Response to writing.

How our my ideas changing- I now have more information of writing, asper my mind. New ideas develop such as how to display work properly, supportive details for the LOI.

What am I feeling- Nice, I am improving.


Week 4:


Our group Pen 'n' Paper Pals group members' names are Articulate Anwita, Awesome Advita, Straightforward Shweta, and Shrewd Samaarra. From what I have expected, we’ve made progress and always collaborated on our ideas. To begin with, we created our LOI, and Central Idea. We were then on to creating questions and categorizing them into different key concepts. We've also had 'Mentor Meetings' very recently. Our mentor helped us get a good glimpse of what other writers were doing around the world, and what inspired them. My group members and I decided to each choose 2 writers and research on them. We are all putting efforts, tried their best, but could be more reflective. However, I am glad for the improvement we've been making, and hope to improve even more!



Acquistion of Knowledge: I had remembered and talked and shared my knowledge about writing and different element of the writing process. I even developed my own ideas about creating the LOI and Central Idea! My group members and I had collaborated for many, many new ideas. However, I helped my group mates the most when they needed me!

Comprehension: I understood the main ideas when learning about how writing and it's different genres help inspire writers, just residents, and even how writing can change people's thoughts and ideas. Not only that but also how writing can teach morals to people who don't really understand the true concept(s).

Application: I chose an effective strategy to complete a task for a mentor meeting. We had discussed about how the world and it's people work express themselves through writing, and not even knowing that some people cannot express themselves! I tried to help my group members with creating questions so we could move on to the next step.4

Analysis: I made connections about facts and ideas about how the world reacts to the work of famous writers. I even connected to myself, and how I was able to react to different writings made by different people!

COmmunication skills:


LISTENING: I listened to and followed difficult instructions when I listened to my mentor, but at the same time I spoke to my friends whenever they needed me.

SPEAKING: I gave an opinion and supported that opinion well with evidence. I expressed my ideas clearly and logically with a few more ideas of my own.

READING: I understood the main ideas of a text while reviewing our LOI and Central Idea! I analysed the components of a Auto- Biography

WRITING: I recorded information and observations in different ways when I researched about authors and their life.I summarized information and included all the important details while discussing about our research.

NON- VERBAL COMMUNICATION: I created a logo to express my ideas about Literature-It's different genres.


During the 4th week , I feel that I've been a knowledgable person because I've been helping my group research and find new information. Not only that but also since I helped my team create smart choices . There were people who had confusion over topics, or hadn't participated to the group and didn't know what was going on, but I realized this and quickly briefed them up with the info.

At around the 3rd week, I feel that I behaved principled. For one reason, when I felt that no one was participating and it was only me, I tried to bring others into the conversation. Everyone's thoughts and ideas were shared. Another reason was that when our group wasn't able to catch up to the other groups, I quickly tried to interact more with everyone else so in the end, we were ready to present!


As we know, research is a plays a very important part in our Exhibition. We have questions, facts, opinions in which we must research about. Since my group is based on writing, we have found out facts, answers to questions, and details which support our LOI. My members and I have researched about how writing has changed over time, how people don't use it to express themselves often, how writings from different writers affect our thoughts and ideas. What inspires writers to write? Where do they get their ideas from? In fact, to get a good glimpse of the elements of books, and inspirations, we each chose 2 authors to research about. This way, we were easily able to find out information. Of course, our mentor had helped us find the elements in the first place so we could move on. We then researched about Now, we intend to research on more opinions of authors, small details which support LOI 2, and many more facts.

FORMULATING QUESTIONS: I created questions that I could research and find lots of information about, when interviewing authors, and researching about them.

OBSERVING: I listened to or watched to learn more when I had to gather information about an author. I used all my senses to notice important and relevant details when I gathered my ideas by using different sources.

PLANNING: I organized my brainstorming to figure out what I wanted to research when I wrote down ideas, thoughts (mine and others), and what research was truly needed.

COLLECTING DATA: I used the internet to collect data when I was researching on facts, details, and opinions. I interviewed someone to gather information for the elements in books and what the author thought of them.

RECORDING DATA:I took many notes with main points without copying from other sites or resources when I was gathering information



Black hat reflection!


WRITER RESponsibility (MY thoughts)

Our second line of inquiry is a writer's responsibility. I have researched facts and information which help support this idea. A few points I have researched on:

  • Authenticity- If a writer plans to publish a book, he/she must be sure that the facts are true and unbiased, and the information is updated. If a writer plans to write a fiction book, he/she must not exaggerate too much or add to many unreal points to the story.
  • Culture- The writer must make sure that his/her book is appropriate along with the fact of a country's way of life.
  • Beliefs & Values- The writer must be aware of not adding points which insult a religion.
  • Positive- If a writer has an intention of writing a book on a tragic event which had happened recently, he/she must make sure there is always a positive side to the story. Not just a sad moment.

After our discussion, I had come up with these points. From all these, I understood that a writer must be aware that his book should be appropriate along with the fact of the country's way of living. I also understood from these points that just because a writer has his freedom of expression, does not mean he can insult, or reflect in a bad way what has happened to a country over a period of time. Furthermore, to add a positive side to a tragic story.

Concepts reflection


Connection- I have made connections with India, and it's evolution of writing. I have also connected with different countries across the world through my research. I can gather more information about how writing over the world has evolved as well.

Perspective- In my point of view, it is an immense pleasure to help my friends and at the same time gather as much research as I can. The work given to us is very easy, for we just need to research about the reaction and responsibility of writing. However, it is the resources we utilize which may not contain the information. We need to absorb the necessary details of these resources.

Change- During the process of creating our three lines of inquiry, we noticed that once we were done, it needed tweaking. Our mentor helped us realize reasonably that we should've change our LOI 2 and 3. I have also realized that we are starting to grow bonds between each other and getting to know each other even more! We are now researching, collecting, absorbing information from anything which we can make connections to our exhibition.

Reflection- I think I have a supportive, kind and helpful group to work with. My group members always try to help me when I am confused over a certain topic. Furthermore, I have my mentor. My mentor is always helpful and states facts very reasonably. She briefs us with a build up about a topic. Our mentor then guides us smoothly and whenever we have trouble with finding information, she gives us appropriate sites and resources!


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