How to use social media smartly BY:Emily Auld

You need to be smart on social media


One of the most common social media cites for people who are just getting phones is Instagram. Instagram has over 400 million downloads in September 2015. I'm sure the numbers have just gone up with more kids getting phones. Instagram is a great app because you can make your account private. It also a fun app to use!!


Snapchat is a very common app. On average 158 million people are on snapchat everyday, and they open the app 18 times a day. On this app every single picture you send the company can see. So use it wisely!

Snapchat is growing very quickly. This just shows you how many people are on here. You need to be careful and not do anything you will regret.


Twitter is another popular app that you need to be safe on. It has about 319 million active users. Twitter can be a good thing to have. if you are applying for collages or looking for a job and have no social media, I would consider getting this because if they find nothing on you then that will sound suspicious.


The older you get the more likely you are to get Facebook. Facebook has 1.5 billion people on their app from December 2015. Lots of parents use Facebook. My mom didn't get one until she was in collage. Facebook can be a good app to use!

Oversharing vs. Not Sharing

Really neither of these are good. people may think at the time that people should know what you are doing but that is WRONG!!!!! You can not over share because then your digital footprint will be full of information. If you overshare collages can just look up your name and find anything they need. That might make collages not want you.

As bad as oversharing is, not sharing anything is just as bad. If collages look you up and find nothing then you will look suspicious. If they cant find anything they might imagine that you did something bad and somehow deleted everything! You do NOT want that. So have some social media like a twitter or Instagram.

How to be safe...

1. Have at least 2 social media cites

2. Make you usernames something with your name and not something silly

3. Make all your accounts private

4. Only let people that you have met in person follow you

5. Do not be constantly posting things that no one needs to know

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