Short Story 2020 1º Bach winner and runners up! Here you can see our winners...congratulations to all who have taken part in this competition!!

This is our winner....Rubén Ferreiro Ponte 1º Bach A !!

And these are the three runners-up...all with the same amount of votes.

Naiara Barbeira Otero 1º Bach B

Manuel Campos Andrade 1º Bach A

Manuel Galán Rodríguez 1º Bach B

Thank you all ...and happy summer holidays!!!!


Creado con imágenes de Reuben Juarez - "To be continued…" • Michael Marais - "Stormtroopers" • Jennifer Latuperisa-Andresen - "Wall art in the Lobby of the hotel in Hamburg. " • Umanoide - "untitled image" • Gayatri Malhotra - "I can't breathe." • Dan Dumitriu - "untitled image"