Amendment 1 By:andrew santiago

The first amendment is talking about freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press, right to assemble, right to petition

Freedom of religion is saying that anyone can show there religion. And that they can pick any religion they want.

This part is talking about that anyone is aloud to say what they want because of freedom of speech.

This part is talking about that people can print something and they can put it all of town this is freedom of speech.

This part is say that people can make poster saying something and telling them to do something this is because of right to assembly

This part of the law is talking about how people can go out and get signatures to pass a law

This case is about how membership in the Communist Labor Party did not violate her free speech rights as protected states may constitutionally prohibit speech tending to incite crime, disturb the public peace, or threaten the overthrow of government by unlawful means. If this would happen to me I would be mad because they didn't give me freedom of speech

Created By
Andrew Santiago

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