The Maiden Voyage By: niyhana daniels

Hi, my name is Jane Andrews, I'm the daughter of Thomas Andrews, the designer of the Titanic. Father recently sold it for 50 million pounds. We are first class in the Titanic, we also have the most exquisite room in the boat. Enough about me lets get into the story...

"Father i don't want to wear this dress its, its hideous, I just want to wear something simple like the normal girls in the world," Daisy moaned.

"Darling if it were up to me I'd let you wear whatever you'd like, but girls and women are supposed to obey men and do what they are told," her dad explained.

That didn't apply to me because I was determined on being my own person not to let a man take care of me. lets forget about that argy bargy me and my pater had, he is such a pain in the butt. Well my father has always been embarrassed by the way i act, what i wear but he is always nice about it. Well today me father and a bunch of wealthy people like us, second class and third class are boarding the titanic. ( the ship my father designed!!!).

The Titanic!!!

Its five minutes before the Titanic is flooded with guests. Me and father are already on the boat though(you know because he designed it). the guest are pouring in and we are about to set sail. the stewards are showing us to our rooms and we are getting settled.

"Father when are we going to set sail," Jane

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