Find Beauty Everywhere

Now more than ever I think about how important it is to constantly look for beauty in the world around us. The world and our country are so different than they were even five years ago. Things seem dangerous and crazy.

I almost hate writing this, because it sounds trite, overused and shallow. But I honestly believe that actively trying to recognize the beauty in simple things around you can change our lives for the better.

The first two photographs I put in here are beautiful. The first was a small leaf that I found on the sidewalk. It was just an inch long and easy to overlook on a grey day. But examined up close it has a magnificence of beauty. The second photo is a frozen puddle from the middle of a dirt road in south Austin. I could have easily walked past it, I am glad that I did not.

The last two images were accidental photographs of the inside of my pocket. It is ridiculous, but there is a simple abstract beauty in them.

So much of what we see or don't see is just governed by our decision to live with our senses open or closed as we walk through the world. Our lives are filled with worries, and it is so easy to lose track of what is right in front of us.

The world is not everything that you think it is. A great part of the world is what you choose to see in it.

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