Haleakala National Park By: Aubrey Blackburn

The state it is located in is Hawaii.
It is located in the Hawaiian island of Maui.
History of the park and/or area: The Haleakala National Park is a shield volcano that was formed over 2 million years ago. It was established as a park in 1916.
Things to do/see while visiting the park: One of the most famous things to do is watch the sunset and sunrise, because it is so high it gives a great view. Some more popular things are paragliding, biking on trails, hiking, zip lining, horseback riding, and camping.
The park has many endangered and rare animals, like the Hawaiian goose, the Hawaiian Petral. And the Hawaiian silver sword. It also has many unique plants.
Ways to protect the park: Keep a safe distance away from the animals and wildlife. Another way to help is to volunteer with planting trees and helping endangered animals.


Created with images by Pexels - "crater haleakala crater hawaii" • laserdad - "haleakala sunrise clouds" • J-H - "haleakala sunrise clouds" • laserdad - "hawaii maui waterfall" • laserdad - "haleakala sunrise clouds"

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