Start the Fire Project By: R.J. and Hanna

Harry Truman, 1949- u.S. President when Roosevelt died in 1945. Responsible for dropping atom bombs on Japan and ending WWII

Red China, 1949- Communists took control of China after a struggle that started before WWII and renamed the country the People's Republic of China.

Joe DiMaggio, 1949- A popular baseball player for the New York Yankees. in 1941 he set a major league record of hitting safely in 56 straight games.

Richard Nixon, 1950- Accused of being a communist and a spy. Became Vie President before becoming President.

Television, 1950- Became popular in the early 1950's. Most large cities had one station.

North/ South Korea, 1950- North and South Korea split after WWII, North Korea was Communist.

H- Bomb, 1951- Hydrogen bomb developed under the guidance of Dr. Edward Teller. Was many times more powerful than an atomic bomb.

The King and I, 1951- Popular Broadway play that later turned into a movie.

U-2, 1960- U.S. had been sending the secret U-2 high-flying spy plane over the Soviet Union to take pictures and gather information, when one was shot down by a Russian missile. The pilot Francis Gary Powers was taken prisoner and later released in an exchange for a Soviet spy who had been arrested in the U.S.

Ole Miss, 1962- University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) admitted its first black or African-American student, James Meredith, with U.S. Marshals enforcing the rules to integrate the school.

Malcolm X- A compelling public speaker, Malcolm X gained publicity for the Nation of Islam and their concepts that whites were "devils" and that separatism was the best for his people. In 1963, he commented that he was not sad that President Kennedy was assassinated. This brought outrage from most of the white public. But he also started to separate from the Nation of Islam and its radical views.

Aids, 1964- 1989- AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) disease started to spread throughout the world.


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