The Book Thief Themes By:MICHAEL MILLER

Secrets are sometimes better untold

"The book thief had struck for the first time- The beginning of an illustrious career" (119).

This quote shows the beginning of Liesel's book stealing, I choose this quote because it is were Liesel is keeping all of her secrets. Liesel's love for book's keeps her looking for more, but with the Nazi's burning books it's making it hard for her to get them. The quote also says "an illustrious career' and that means were Liesel actually becomes known and she has attention drawn to her.

This video represents how Liesel's moral's aren't correct but it shows how people can't dictate others through mass hysteria. I picked this Ted talk as my example because I liked how she talked how people want to create change bit they make non violent change through individual work. She also talks about how a group can create a central clause for help. This relates to how keeping individual thought to yourself it works best.

Rebellion against the rulers

“You hide a Jew. You pay. Somehow or other, you must.”

This quote relates to my theme because people such as Hans Hubermann who is breaking the law and sheltering and lying for a Jewish boy named Max. If Han's was caught he would be punished by getting sent to a concentration camp, Hans is repaying Max for his dad's deed. I also like this quote because it shows how rough times were and how the punishment was high.

An Example in modern day is riots and rebellion against government and police forces.

The riots that happened in Ferguson are a good example of modern day rebellion. People protested violently against police due to all the hate crime and police shootings on black individuals. I related this to the The Book Thief because of the hate crimes against Jews. It shows how individuals can cause uproar and rebel against stronger powers.

Words hurt more than actions

"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right" (528).

I chose this quote because it was said by Liesel and she is talking about her becoming hopeless of the "written word" seeing Hitler's words hurt all jewish people and Liesel especially. Ilsa gives Liesel a blank book and she writes about her life story both tragic and happy memories. Liesel finds out that words can cause both pain and comfort.

I choose this picture to represent my theme. It shows how words can cause such pain to one person. Liesel felt this about Hitler's book, she was so distraught from what his "words' were. I feel like this picture gives a good representative of how people put each other down.

Summative Theme: Secrets are sometimes better untold


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