Circum -around the universe

Circumference- length of lines

Circumnavigate- to travel

Circumscribe- to limit size or amount

Circumnavigate- To travel in ship

Circumspect- carefully

Circumspect- carefully risk

Circumstance- condition

Circumvent- to avoid

Compassion- a feeling

Composure- calmness

Encounter- to meet or have experience

Spontaneos- done or mystery


Created with images by trolleway - "Sludyanka railway water towers" • Fearghal O'Nuallain - "Lenin spins the wheel of fortune" • pedrik - "Nao Victoria" • Freeimages9 - "car meter speeding" • jl.cernadas - "4180-Dar Mlodziezy no Porto da Coruña (Tall Ships 2012)" • MollySVH - "Careful!" • Foto-Rabe - "snake toxic dangerous" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Tropical Cyclone Glenda in the Indian Ocean" • Mister-Mastro - "2011 10 23 Guy Fog´s Day at the Rhine" • Susan von Struensee - "compassion-k-by-susan-von-struensee" • florent chretien ∫ - "In a silent way" • Franck_Michel - "Encounter" • juliejordanscott - "nov 10 111"

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