DTC #35: Take A Dive Sometimes the most memorable nights are the ones you should have forgotten the most.





Wander a swap meet and barter for some deals before grabbing a top knotch bibimbap.

Scour an arcade center like a teenager and challenge the locals to some games.

Grab cocktails and play some pool at a local dive.

The Fam. Amuse. Corp. has been around for 40 years! They’re actually “the movie and TV industries vendor of choice for studio props and sets of coin operated amusement equipment.” Crazy right?
Stop 1

Do some swapping, then go bah-ping

• around 6:30pm •

Stepping onto the street corner you usually pass by on your way to cocktail in Silverlake or get on the 101 for work feels a little out of place. You’ve been by here hundreds of times but you’ve never really BEEN here. You step up to the Union Swap Meet, a small somewhat barren indoor flea market that has an older type of LA charm. You make a loop and feel a bit out of place until you come across the baby chicks, lizards and puppies for sale. This you can mess with. After you’ve circled back step up to the counter at Nabi. A counter serving bibimbap joint hosted by a Korean saucier Cecilia who uses her garden for fresh ingredients. Plop down on the odd furniture beneath local photography and devour the delicious bowl that lay in front of you. Don’t choke though, you’ve got some gaming to do.

Stop 2

A classic arcade center to get your gaming fix

• after bibimbap •

The sun may still be up but the lights are in full effect at the Family Amusement Corporation. The name might not be inviting but once you step inside you’ll wont skip a beat making moves towards the coin machine. Make rounds and figure out what you’ll play and what you’ll pay, either coin or token, then get after it. All the classics are here and some you completely forgot about along the way. Time Crisis? Duh. Top Skater? Wait a minute. Hopefully you have enough change to beat the high score on 2 Minute Drill before taking a chance at the racecar game all the young guns are playing in front…they look serious. When you’ve had your fun it’ll mark your time to head out and take a chance on another kind of game.

Stop 3

The dive bar you’ve been waiting for…

• after getting the high score •

As the sun fades behind the Metro stop, taco stands and obscure clinicas de medicina you’ll slowly make your way to the Lotus Lounge. A bright entrance you can’t believe you’ve missed for years is your welcome mat to cheap beers, sake and bar games. It’s on the early side so you’ve got the jukebox to yourself amongst the trickling flow of mainstays who pony up to the bar in their own ornate fashion. Take turns buying rounds while exchanging victories over the bright green felt. In no time your're sharing jokes with other barroom rats sharing stories about Bruce Springsteen and the neighborhood of old. Only in a dive like this would the tides churn in your favor so quickly. And to think you’ve been passing by here for years.

Bonus: If you need to keep the night rolling cruise up to Girl at the White Horse for dancing and great cocktails.


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