Greek God character Project By: Ryan thiel

Summary of My God...

My Greek God was Heracles the mortal God... Heracles (Hercules) is most famous for being the only mortal son of Zeus. Hercules was the strongest mortal alive and he was stronger than many other Gods too. Though being very strong Hercules regularly got in trouble because he lacked wisdom and intelligence. As an infant, Hercules was first noticed for his strength when he was found with a serpent in each of his hands, strangled to death.As a result of Hercules trouble making, he was forced to do 12 labors for other gods. These labors included deeds like killing a lion with his bare hands, defeating the Hydra, and fetching the Cerberus. ( Though many other Gods didn't like him he eventually earned their liking by doing great deeds for them. Well after the Twelve Labors were completed Hercules died of poisonous venom from the Hydra. (

Main Character Traits of my God...

Hercules had many character traits but his most noticeable ones were his strength, his anger, and his generosity. His anger was noticeable because, "He took up grudges and never forgot them."( Also his strength was a big trait because, "Heracles is best known as the strongest of all mortals, and even stronger than many gods."( And finally his generosity was a great trait because, "He may have held grudges, but he would also do anything to help a friend."(

The Theme For My God is...

The theme for Hercules is Strength and Skill... Hercules was once quoted as one of the most powerful mortals ever.(

Discussion Statement

My Statement: Hercules is the Most powerful God of all time


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