TRCS News 4.4.2019

Family Appreciation Dinner Next Thursday - FREE

Next Thursday we would like to celebrate all of the incredible parents and volunteers at TRCS. Our teachers will be preparing the dessert and our incredible kitchen staff will be preparing a lasagna dinner. We will have both meat and vegetarian options. We look forward to sharing a nice meal and good company!

Lottery for 2019-2020

We conducted the school lottery for the 2019-20 school year this morning. Magistrate Amanda Maurer facilitated. We are sending out notifications this morning. If you are considering a move or a change for next school year, please let us know as soon as possible. We have many families wanting to become part of our school.


Middle School trips are on for this month! Grades 6 and 7 will be going to one of four places: Urban trip to Denver, Mars Desert Research Station, Animal Sanctuary in Utah, Desert camping in Utah. Grade 8 will also take their annual trip to Mexico at the end of the month. 5th Grade will do their annual overnight trip as a passage to middle school in May. Details will be coming from those teachers soon. If your child is on medication and is going on one of these trips, make sure that you have the signed medication administration form on file in the office so that we can administer what your child needs. All medications must be given to the assigned staff person. Students cannot administer their own medications while at school.

Enrichment Cycle

Our middle school enrichment cycle has come to a close. Students had the chance to select an enrichment option tailored to their interests for a 6 week cycle. Students grew microgreens, built benches from old skis and snowboards, went mountain biking, worked on the yearbook, improved their volleyball skills, learned how to cook, and more!

Yearbooks On Sale!

We have a limited number of yearbooks to sell for the 2018-2019 school year. They are $20 each. Payment is required to reserve your copy. Please stop by the front desk to reserve yours!


Keep in mind that school fees must be paid off in May.

CMAS Begins Next Week!

There is not a teacher in the building who entered the profession because we love state tests, but the reality is that they are an important element of public education in Colorado. Every school receiving public funds is required to administer the CMAS, or Colorado Measures for Academic Success. This is the primary metric for school accountability in Colorado, and the results of the test impact our school rating and renewal process with CSI. We hope to have 100% of our students participate!

Test taking is a skill that has plenty of real world applications. Any student who plans to graduate from high school, college or take a test to become credentialed for a job, is going to have to get good at the discipline of staying focused throughout a test and applying the skills they have acquired to the task at hand. Akin to everything else, the more you practice, the better you get. For students who feel pressure, anxiety or stress during a test, this is a good opportunity to learn to manage this type of anxiety for future success.

PLEASE help us by dropping your kids off at school on time on testing days! Students who arrive late will likely miss the start times for testing, which creates undue stress on kids and the school to reschedule and miss out on other learning opportunities. We are currently planning on testing Monday through Wednesday for the next two weeks. 2/3 will be testing next Thursday due to a scheduling conflict with a field trip.

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