Prices of Plane tickets from 36 years by LAura Vanhaeverbeke

The prices of plane tickets from 36 years ago have changed lot. It changed a lot from back there because in those time it was why more expensive then now.

My graph divided
This is the first group of the graph with the fit line.
This is the second group with fit line
This is the second group with the fit line

Now I will be showing to you how the math that I did for the fit line and for the big the line for all of them.

This is the math I did for first set of the graph.
This is the work that I for the second group in my graph
This is the math that I did for my last group in my chart

The photo that I will be showing next is he photo of the math that I did for the fit line of all of the group together.


For the future I feel like the prices of plane tickets are going to be less expensive. The fit line that was over all 3 groups kind of prove it. Even though it is not from he line that I think so but instead how the prices in everyday life are changing. The line said something that is not possible to happen . Which is to have free ticket because in life there are never going to sell something to you for free.

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