Howling Woods

"When the world pushes you, you push back. We're all afraid sometimes, but ironically that keeps us more alert than ever."

I've been through this forest many times. But recently there's been some problems. People has suddenly gone missing for days and it's all thanks to this forest. They go in for a quick run or walk only to never return. I took the investigation for myself, I've lost two of my colleagues for going in and I gotta know if they're ok. The cops don't want to even go near it so I took it upon my myself. Whatever it is I brought all my stuff to bring back my friends alive. I took my rifle and my backpack filled with 2 days worth of supplies. My gps phone and my trusty GoPro to record what was going on.

"Even the walls sweats"

January 23, 2017

I continued my journey in the morning, 6 miles in and I have seen anything unusual. I got small bits of clues here and there. For one I saw footprints of a large group of people heading west. I followed it for about 3 kilometers until suddenly the footprints became less and less. They didn't just veer off to nowhere they just showed less footprints until there were only two. It lead me to this abandoned house. What was interesting was the fact that there is an underground tunnel with lights. There's a strong odor like sewage and it was very humid. The smell of sulfur in the air and the walls were dripping like sweat.. Almost like it was human...This must be where they took my friends and all the others. I grabbed my rifle and headed in to investigate what might've happened to them.

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