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Chapter 1:
The first chapter is about Annemarie and her friend and sister getting caught by the German soldiers. The German soldiers ask them many question and Kristi slapped the soldiers hand because she didn't like it. When they got home they said not to tell their parent but Kristi told her mom and their mom said not to go by them. The two moms were really worried. But Annemarie made a face like it was all okay.
Chapter 2:
Chapter two was mostly about Annemarie telling her little sister about queens and kings. And it was about King Christian and how the German did not know that he was the king. The People would do anything for him to not die because he is really important to them. And it was like when Annemaries dad telling her that stories. Then they went on.
Chapter 3:
Chapter three was mostly about when the German people were about to kill Jewish people. I know this because on the text it gave some clues about it. Like Mrs. Hirsch button shop was closed so that means maybe all the Jewish shops are closed. A lot of people were scare .
Chapter 4
It is mostly about the Rosen Family getting separated.Ellen have to live in Jonhenson house and pretend to be Annemarie sister. Ellen parent hide somewhere else because they can't hide 3 people.And Annemarie and Ellen was pretending to be real sisters. Peter was the one person who knew a lot about it.
Chapter 5:
Chapter 5 was mostly about when the German soldiers came into Annemarie's house to look for the Rosens family. They thought that the Rosen family was hiding here. And they yelled at Ellen and Ellen said that she was Lise Jonhansen. So Annemarie's dad handed a picture and they believe it was Lise. They torn the things out.
Chapter 6:
It is about Annemarie mom and her sister and Ellen going to uncle Henrik. They went early in the morning to go to the dock. They wanted to make sure that the German soldiers did not expect anything. So Her mom and dad was talking all about. And they decided that only the girls and mom will go to uncle Henrik.
Chapter 7:
It is about when they arrive to the place . Ellen and Annemarie were looking around the place. And Annemarie was showing Ellen around. Then when it was time to fix supper Annemarie mom told them something. She told them that not to talk to anyone.
Chapter 8:
It was mostly about the two girls playing and Annemarie mom cleaning. Annemarie mom was cleaning up making sure the house is clean. And got little mad at uncle Henrik. And said that he needs a wife. But uncle Henrik never think about it.
Annemarie found out that this was fake funeral but then, they took Ellen outside then the door opened again. Looking and then she saw Ellen in her dad arms and ther mother next to them. Aunt Britte was in the basket. They did this for a reason.
Chapter 10:
It is about the Auntie Birte. And also when the soldiers came to the house. Maybe Ellen's family have to go away. When the soldiers came to the house. They ask many questions. The people were getting tired of it.
Chapter 11:
It is about when the family is getting ready to leave. Like the quiet family they were getting ready for the weather that is cold. And they were planning things to make it a safe place. They made the baby wear kristi's favorite jacket. Annemarie hope that Kristi wouldn't notice it.
The main Idea of 12 is that Annemarie is home alone. She slept for awhile. Then she thought her mom would be back so she looked around. When she looked out the window she saw her mom laying in the ground. So she ran to her.
Chapter 13:
It is mostly about when Annemarie ran up to her mom. Her mom sprained her ankle and she help her get to the house. Annemarie's mom was in pain.They found out that the Rosens have left the packet that was really important. Now Annemarie have to run as fast as she can to give the Rosens the packet.
Chapter 14:
It is mostly about when Annemarie ran to give the packet to the Rosens family before they live. On her way she would tell her self about little red riding hood. And when she was almost their there was growl. Then it came out it was 2 soldiers and two large dogs. And they ask her questions and they fed theirs of uncle Henrik lunch.
It was about when the German soldiers stop Annemarie. They took the bread out of the basket and gave it to the two dogs. The two large dogs wanted to eat meat. But there was no meat. Annemarie told them that she is going to be late but the soldiers didn't listen. They took the packet but did not expect anything so they told her to go to her Uncle Henrik.
Chapter 16 was about after the Rosens and the quiet family left. And Annemarie was gonna be learning how to milk a cow. And momma and Kristi had to go to the doctor. Uncle Henrik was telling what happen after she left to go home. And and the Rosen family and the quiet family are safe now.
Chapter 17:

It is about after the war. Peter Neilson was a brace man and he was dead. Annemarie's dad told her what Lise was really doing and why she got shot. Now the Jewish people can return back to Denmark. And Annemarie still have Ellen's necklace and she said to her self that she will wear it until Ellen return to Denmark.

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Sen Kee


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