A Glimpse of Me kelly carroll

Where Im From Poem

I am from Seaside

From Beach Walks and Summer Tans

I am from Fishing Docks and Late Night Swing Sets Sessions

I am also from Cozy Winter Days

From Christmas Trees and Hot Chocolate

I am from a Family of Love and Caoias

From Boldness, from Fun and Adventure

I am from 2 am ice cream runs and Town Man Hunt

Never forgotten memories spilled into photo albums, and hanging above my bed.

Never forget that moment.

Taking a slight pause in my doing just for this day, for a chance like this to look back and remember.

To stay and drift with me as long as my thoughts and dreams can take me back there, as long as I can go back and take another walk to Nicki's Ice Cream at 2 am.

Boardwalk, Seaside Nj

My Ode-Seaside Heights,NJ

Take me back to my second home, where I am happier and stress-free.

Take me back to my blessing of every year, the warm place in my heart.

The light to my summer, the sun to my sky.

Take me back to the Sand Bars, long filled rides, and crowd-free docks.

To the Boardwalk, night sneak on's to the beach; to my wild and better days.

To my happy place, to my second home.

Seaside Nj, Beach

E.Lockhart Mimic

My name is Kelly Carroll. I live at home with my parents and two older sisters.

I am 14 years old, I am constantly a ball of energy and ready to adventure.

Though it is true, that most of my Summer was spent at Seaside on a beach, or walking down Mamaroneck Ave.

I used to be quiet, now I am bold.

I used to be patient, but now I lose interest.

It is true I am short, it is true I love the Internet.

I love Social Media. You know, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram?

My story starts back in 2013, back when I discovered Magcon.

Magcon is a group of teenage boys who got famous off of Social Media Apps. And ever since then, I've been in love with them.

Here I am three years later, still supporting them. Starting a huge part of my life, also focusing on basketball and soccer, along with my grades for this year, I can feel the pressure building up, the tension . Its overwhelming, day by day school just gets more and more important.

But we have to learn how to handle it, and let it go. Keep our grades up, but be able to have our fun.

I still support them, almost too much you can say. But I am also trying to keep up with everything, this new life. I might not always be 100% sure with everything, but thats okay; at least, for now.

Hunter Rowland and Blake Gray, both two famous Social Media stars from Magcon


I remember when I found out about the tooth fairy not being real. I was about 8 or 9 years old but I remember clearly laying down in bed keeping my eyes a little open. That day was when my first molar came out. I was super excited about it and I couldn't wait to wake up the next morning, I ran around my house making sure every one knew.

That night I was laying in bed and I kept my eyes open a little so it was just a blur. But I didn't see the tooth fairy in fact, actually not at all. I was very confused and didn't know how to feel but the next morning. i was still excited and ran to my sisters room to tell them though.m

But it was a moment in my life where I kinda had to stop. Think about my past and realize things weren't always as they seemed to me.

As much as this wasn't a big deal now, at the time it was huge for me and it really hurt me. I realized that I was getting older as I knew it even though I was only about 8 or 9 ears old. It almost felt as if my world was just crashing on me and I didn't know know what to do about it.

My parents used to tell me they helped out Santa and the Tooth Fairy, but that night I found out there's no one for them to actually help. I felt like my childhood was over in a way but I still continued to go on with the fact that Santa was coming the next Christmas that came along.

I Felt like I needed to be more mature and join this imaginary game adults have been living forever. My spirit was still there, just maybe not as strong as little 6 year old kelly sprinting down to the tree Christmas morning in my Santa pajamas.

One of my all time favorite movies while growing up, it was very important to me.

My Good Day

I woke up surrounded by big tall trees. My sister Brianna said there palm trees, but I never really understood the meaning of that. There's a big glass window on our ceiling, it's like you can see outer space from there.

Now we don't live here in Florida, we live in the cold. New York is alwayss cold. But I like it here. It's warm and pretty and there's a huge pool in our backyard. But that's not why I love coming here the most. As much as I love the beaches and water slides around here, Disney World was my all time favorite.

I loved walking in seeing the castle, being a place where I could do absolutely anything. I felt like I belonged, I felt like another princess. I walked around its my blue lace less converse, just the way I liked them, and also needed them. My dad bought me a Minnie Mouse dress, and I wore my hair down today. I smiled big nether less the gap In-between my teeth. The big moment for me finally came. As a 8 year old little girl, I loved Disney. I've been there dozens of times as a baby but this will be the first time I know what's going on.

I loved the feeling of being here, the feeling of thrill and calmness. As much of an opposite Disney World is from calm, I felt calm there. Almost like I belonged there forever. I haven't been back since, but some day I hope I can get that feeling back right where I left it.

My happiest of places, right here.

My Name

My name isn't all that original. It doesn't go back to an important family member or time, it's basic.

My mother picked the name Kelly. We're a very Irish Family and she wanted to make sure all names in my Family stayed like that.

My dad was more into different names like Samantha, but I guess the Mother always gets top pick.

On the other hand, my middle name, Anne, does mean something.

My mother gave me the middle name Anne after Mary's mother, because we are Catholic. She thought this went well and meant something important to her.

For me, I wasn't one of those kids who hated their names. I never loved it either. I thought I didn't fit into it very well, but I'm thankful for it today because I think I made it my own and grew it to it just fine. And as the years go by, maybe I will even just a little more.

Encyclopedia Letter T -(You Decide)

Traveling; One of the biggest joys of my life. Something I always looked forward to as a kid, a getaway. I loved the experience of seeing new people and trying new things every once in a while, it made my life to me that much more interesting.

Tall; Something I was never whole growing up, or even now. Believe it or not, but my height is a very big part of my life. My friends and I joke about it all the time, I definitely get this one from my parents. It's okay, 5'1 can be fun at times too..

Teacher; While growing up, this was my dream job. This one lasted pretty long compared to the others; a Vet, Ice Cream Women, Actress, and way too many more. My dream was to teach Pre-K. I loved and I still do, kids. Most people I know don't like kids, so this made things pretty hard. But I've always loved babysitting my baby cousins and all of their friends, I loved playing dolls when I was little, it made me feel strong and important.. Like I really meant something big.

Teammate; Something I was always taught to do while growing up. Whether it was Basketball or Soccer, Softball and even got on a Kickball team at one point. To me, I was always taught to take career one another, to look out for everybody. I think everyone hated those snobby girls on your team, but there's nothing you can do about it. Be nice my parents said, and you will be respected and treated the way you deserve.

Thunderstorm; Oddly one of my favorite things now and as a kid. To me there nothing better than a rainy Saturday night when you get to lie in bed and hear the rain crash against your window, making me feel safe and comforted. Made me feel Calm and Warming, like everything was going to be okay.

One of my favorite things to do:)

Author’s Note; I think writing this piece cant guarantee a whole understanding of me and my life, but what I was able to do was share the big parts so far. This shows a glimpse of my likes, dislikes, family, memories, and just my life overall.

These pieces all have one important thing in common, me. They all have to do with my journey I took until I got here today, and how these little things formed who I am. Shows the positives of my life, good moments, some bad moments, and some things that has just made me different.

This made me understand what made me , me. What made me different from everyone else. I got to look badk at some of my greatest memories from some of my happiest times, and there's nothing you can do but smile. These pieces are a true understanding of me and my life so far, and some big moments I got to cherish in these past years and I'm very thankful I got to look back and share some of those times.

Created By
Kelly Carroll


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