Sunny Side Up The power of the sun

Solar Panel

There are many other ways we use the sun's energy in our daily lives. Including:

To dry our wet clothes
To grow food
To heat your water or pool
To Treat your Water
To design your home
To generate electricity
To heat our homes
To cook food
To power the world

There are many advantages to using solar power energy that encourage it's use! For example: Its free!

Although solar power is extremely powerful, but it works best with smaller machines. It’s great at making your garden grow fast and green, and powering your calculator for your next math test.

A Solar Powered Greenhouse which captures the sun's energy so food and plants can be grown throughout the winter
Germany, Italy, China, U.S.A, Japan, Spain, France, Belgium, Australia, Czech Republic
Another, more obvious, downside of solar energy is that it doesn’t work at night

Fun facts about Solar Energy:

Solar power can lead the way to a brighter future!

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