Milefield's Newsletter ISSUE 7: 7th February 2020

Welcome to another edition of Milefield's regular newsletter. Written to keep you informed and up-to-date on all our latest goings on around school.

Milefield Primary School's Newsletter

We are pleased to announce that Mr and Mrs Trickett welcomed the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Tabitha. Born on Wednesday 22nd January. All are doing well.

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A message from Mr Goddard

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to the entire Milefield community for such a warm welcome. It has been great talking to so many parents and family members on the playground before and after school - please do feel free to come and have a chat with me at any point if you have any questions or ideas for our school.

I am really excited to see all the amazing things that are happening throughout school (and what has been planned for the rest of this year), and have been extremely impressed by the hard work and dedication of the school team to really make a difference to those children in our care. During the first few weeks of this term I worked very closely with Mrs Trickett, Mr McClure and the whole staff team to ensure that I can support the school with the work that has already been done and continue to follow the school's improvement plan. As we continue to further improve the school, we know that we can not do this alone and really value and appreciate the support from our parents and carers.

Mr Goddard - Acting Head

Over the last few weeks I have been asked a lot of the same question by a number of families. The following reminders should answer all of these.

Behaviour outside of school - School has a very clear behaviour policy that is in line with the government's policy. This means that schools reserve the right to discipline beyond the school gate. This also covers any unacceptable behaviour on the way to and from school. The Headteacher may notify the police of any actions taken against a pupil. If the behaviour is criminal or causes threat to a member of the public, the police will always be informed.

Dogs on the school site - the LA and school have a clear policy that dogs (with the exception of guide dogs) are not allowed on the school premises. We understand that as these are pets they may pose no risk to anyone, however, we have a number of children who are afraid of dogs. Thank you for your understanding with this.

Payments to school - Parents can pay for trips, dinners or any other school event with either cash or by bank transfer. Details of this are available from the main office. We are also working on bringing in an online payment system that parents can access on their mobile devices.

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Attendance Matters

Overall attendance for the Autumn Term was below target at 93.8%. Unfortunately, and despite some classes having amazing attendance, this figure has dropped from Christmas and in now 93.75%.

A massive well done to the following three classes who achieved above target last week.

  • Class 3
  • Class 3/4
  • Class 4

We are aware there has been a bug going round over the recent weeks but this appears to have cleared up so we are hoping for a lot more classes to beat the target in the next few weeks.

Weekly Attendance- Spring Term 1

  • Week 1: 95%
  • Week 2: 95.3%
  • Week 3: 94.4%
  • Week 4: 94.1%
  • Week 5: 89.8%

Please remember, attendance at school greatly impacts on the progress and attainment children achieve. Being at school, on time, everyday is vital to support children to develop and progress. It ensures children don't miss learning and opportunities essential to their education. Please support us to ensure attendance is the best it can be so we can narrow the gap between actual attendance and target.

REMEMBER: Greater Attendance = Greater Achievement!

Key Dates for the Diary (Spring Term):
  • EYFS Coffee Morning: 12th February 2020 from 8.30am
  • INSET Day: 14th February 2020
  • February Half Term: 17th-21st February 2020
  • Spring Term 2- Pupils should return to school on: Monday 24th February 2020
  • VEG POWER STARTS: All half term, details to follow.
  • Yr 2 SATS Meeting for parents: 26th February. 2.45pm and repeated at 5.00pm
  • Yr 6 SATS Meeting for parents: 25th February. 2.45pm and repeated at 5.00pm *Note date change from 27th February.
  • World Book Day: 6th March 2020 - Children to dress as their favourite book character.
  • Scholastic Book Fair: 10th March - all week after school
  • Upper KS2 (yrs 5 & 6) Parent Meetings: 16th March from 1.00pm (appointment details will be sent out)
  • EYFS Parent Meetings: 17th March from 1.00pm (appointment details will be sent out)
  • Lower KS2 (yrs 346) Parent Meetings: 18th March from 1.00pm (appointment details will be sent out)
  • KS1 (yrs 1&2) Parent Meetings: 19th March from 1.00pm (appointment details will be sent out)
  • Easter Holidays: 6th- 17th April 2020

What's on / daily updates.

Every class in school has a poster like this displayed on their window. These give you key information about events that week in class.

The Yr 4, 5 and 6 posters are on the photocopying room window at the front of school near the pupil's entrance.

Class updates...

Early Years

We are going to be hosting another coffee morning on Wednesday 12th February 2020- this is going to be for any new and existing parents to find out about your child’s online learning journey (Early Essence).

This session will go through, step-by-step, how to access this on your phone or any ICT device. We will then show you how to add your own observations to the learning journey and add comments to observations we take in school- this is a great way of having learning conversations with your child’s class teacher.

If you do not have a username or password yet or need a new one, please come along to the session so this can be set up for you. You will also get time to ask about your child’s online learning journey and an opportunity to explore this within the session.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Key Stage 1

Spellings - In Year 1 we take our spellings directly from Spelling Shed. We have new spellings each week which children are sent home with and expected to practice. Every morning we practice our handwriting and our weekly spellings. In an afternoon we have spelling time as well where we do activities around our spellings. Children can access Spelling Shed using the internet and everyone has their own log in to practice different spellings. I have been hearing lots of children getting competitive trying to beat their classmates on the leaderboard!

Visits - Our current topic is The Enchanted Forest and as a part of this we are learning all about plants and animals. On the 10th, 11th and 12th of February we will be going to Old Moor RSPB Nature Reserve. We will be taking part in a pond dipping activity, finding out what animals live in these waters and a land minibeast/ habitat hunt. There will be lots of scientific skills being taught on this day! I am really looking forward to taking all the children and exploring plants and animals first hand. Please make sure you send your children in warm and waterproof clothes with sturdy footwear (boots or wellies!).

As we have been learning about plants and animals we had a visitor from Urban Planters come into school to teach us about the importance of plants and show us how to plant a seed and look after it. The children were highly engaged in this hands on learning experience and now we get to watch our very own sunflowers growing from our classrooms! A huge thank you for coming into our school!

Year 3

In year 3 we have been learning about words with the prefix 're' and what they mean. We have used different spelling strategies to help us spell the words and have discussed their meaning. Also, we have been learning spellings from the year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling list.

Year 3 / 4

Kick Start - Kick Start have worked with us recently looking at how we can live a healthy life. Here are some of the examples of our work.

Spellings - We have recently sent out our spelling shed logins so that you can access the lists at home. There are different games which you can play to practice your weekly spelling list. Give it a go and let us know what you think.

Year 4

Last week, we were very lucky to receive a visit from the Reds in the Community. They came to teach us about healthy eating and the benefits of exercise.

They started the session with an interactive quiz which we played on keypads. The questions were about the foods we eat in order to keep healthy. We were unsure of some of the answers but were able to discuss them with our teams. The questions were things like; How many portions of fruit and vegetables should we eat a day? Which foods contain the most protein? Which foods contain the most vitamins? We made a booklet about healthy eating and looked at the eat well plate. We designed meals that were healthy and incorporated all the right things. We learnt that some fat in your diet is necessary (so long as it is eaten in moderation) in order to achieve a balanced diet. We went back to the questions at the end as a point of reflection and were able to answer the questions confidently.

We then did a quiz about keeping our bodies and minds fit and healthy through exercise. The questions involved; How much exercise should a child have a day? Why does exercise make you feel good? If you exercise, will it help you achieve a better night’s sleep? Again, we were confused with some of the questions, but once we had been outside and took part in some games and exercises we were confident with the answers when we revisited the questions again.

We were very inspired by our visitors and tried some of the games at playtime the following day.

Spellings - Our spelling pattern this week is looking at the prefix sub (which usually means under or below). We have looked at the root word and how this changes by adding the prefix to the start of the word. We looked at exceptions to the rule, where sub is part of the root word rather than a prefix.

Our spellings this week are:

subway, submerge, subtitle, subheading, subdivision, subtropical, subject, submarine, substandard and subject.

We have spent some time looking at other prefixes, such as ‘in’ and ‘il’ ‘im’ and ‘ir’. The following words are examples of the words we have been learning:

inactive, incorrect, invisible, insecure, inadequate, inability, illegal, illegible, immature, immortal, impossible, impatient, irregular, irrelevant.

We have been learning homophones prior to this. A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another but is spelt differently and has a different meaning. For these words it was really important that we understood which version of the word we were discussing. Those spellings were:

Accept, except, peace, piece, knot, not, plane, plain, weather, whether.

We are finding that there are a lot of children who are struggling to spell the common year 1 and 2 spellings still. Mistakes are being made with words like; there, their, many, people, any, every. We would really appreciate if you could take the time to practice these words with your child and the ones from year 3 and 4 spelling list too to ensure they are confident using them in their work.

Year 6

In Year 6, children will be tested in their SATs GPS paper on a range of spellings from Y2 - Y6. Below are the common words including patterns that your child will be tested on. Please ensure they are logging on to Spelling Shed regularly for short amounts of time to practise the patterns and rules. They have all had homework set which they can access whenever they use Spelling Shed. www.spellingshed.com

We have also sent home a letter reminding you how to access Times Tables Rockstars and our brand new Letter Join website. This is designed to support children who struggle with handwriting. Please use this letter and keep it safe so your child can log on daily to practise spelling shed, times tables rockstars and letter join. This will mean they improve their understanding in lessons too. Just 10-15 minutes a day can really make all the difference. Don't forget, we only have until May to get this right for their SATs results...


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