Early Morning Redfish Finding solice in watching wildlife in their natural habitat

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Redfish on the Mosquito Lagoon

Captains' Richard & Gina Bradley take a morning during the holiday season in Central Florida to immerse themselves during the dawn in the shallow waters of the Mosquito Lagoon in search of redfish.

Almost immediately they stumble upon some feeding redfish tailing while seagulls apply the pressure competing for the same meal of shrimp and small minnows.

Seagulls and Redfish make Great Subjects for Photography

Redfish are very receptive to Artificial Lures

Captain Richard displays a quickly caught and released slot sized redfish. When reds are grouped up and feeding on the shallow water flats, they strike hard and eat about anything.

I make my own jigs from bucktail and other natural fibers for tailing redfish - Captain Richard

Captain Gina with Her Early Morning Red

I just love watching the wildlife and being outdoors. Today's tailing redfish was just icing on the cake for me when I'm out with Mother Nature.

Spend a day on the water with Captain Richard of Lagooner Fishing Charters when you're visiting Florida.

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Richard Bradley


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