Responsive Websites

Adobe Mobile (Left) , Adobe Tablet (Centre) and Adobe Desktop(Right)


The Adobe Website is very responsive when in comes to adjusting for different screens . All alignment is centred around the black options box. As the screen size is adjusted , the box moves closer to the centre of the page . The adjustments make the page work well but as the screen size is adjusted , the background image just zooms in , leaving a blurry background.

Apple Desktop (Left) Apple Tablet (Centre) and Apple Mobile (Right)


Apple's website is extremely responsive and probably one of the best out there . As the website size is adjusted , more of the showcase product is shown , putting more emphasis on it and making the customer more likely to click on the product. The transition between the screen sizes is seamless and smooth , compared to other websites like Adobe which is quite clunky.

City of Glasgow College Desktop (Left) and City of Glasgow College Mobile (Right)


The City of Glasgow College website is very responsive. It changes very smoothly when the screen size is adjusted. Unlike the Apple website , CoGC website puts emphasis on the text rather than images or products. One thing that the webpage does do is lose some assets when the page size is altered.

Amazon UK Desktop (Left) , Amazon Table (Centre) and Amazon UK Mobile (Right)


The amazon website is not optimised for both mobile and tablet. Despite altering as the browser window is adjusted , the page begins to cut stuff off leaving only a part of the page on both mobile and tablet. The reason behind the lack of responsiveness will be because Amazon has an app which caters towards mobile and tablet devices.

Vans Desktop (Left) , Vans Tablet (Centre) and vans Mobile (Right)


Vans website is pretty responsive but seems really chunky and blocky at times . When the page size is adjusted , a lot of the main graphic is cut out , removing a lot of the excess space in the graphic and increasing focus on the skull graphic.

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