Andrew Jackson The hero the united states deserved

Some people might see Andrew Jackson as a mean, violent, and disobedient president. But if you take a quick second to focus on the positive things that he's done, you might start to change your mind.

Andrew Jackson was the first president to promote the common man over the wealthy. For that reason, Jackson sought out to shut down the Bank of the United States. The reason for his doing was because it discriminated the common man in that the bank only gave out loans to the rich because they thought common men wouldn't pay back the loan, which meant that they couldn't buy land and create a living for themselves, but the rich could.

When Jackson found out what was going on, he took the bank down the best way he thought possible. He announced to the public that the government would no longer be depositing federal funds into the bank.

Another reason that Andrew Jackson could be considered an American hero is because of his great leading in the Battle of New Orleans. On December 24th, 1814, the United States signed a peace treaty with Great Britain. However, since news was slow to travel back then, the two sides met in one of the biggest bloodiest conflicts known only as the Battle of New Orleans. Jackson led militia fighters, frontiersmen, slaves, Indians, and even pirates alongside him into the battle.

"Peace, above all things, is to be desired, but blood must sometimes be spilled to obtain it on equable and lasting terms." -Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson should be considered a hero, but there are still some things he did that could be seen as villainous. In 1838, Jackson's Indian Removal Policy forced the Cherokee natives out of their homes and on a trail to new homeland. This was known as the Trail of Tears because it was a devastating time for the natives. Many died from hunger, disease, and just pure exhaustion.

Although this can be seen as a villainous act, Jackson actually wasn't the one to carry out removing the Cherokee Indians. In fact it was the president after Jackson, Martin Van Buren. There are some reasons to view Andrew Jackson as a villain, but overall, he was just an American seeking out for the best way to expand and civilize the United States, in many ways doing things that benefited us, making him a hero of America.

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