NMSU Pioneers March 2019 Newsletter

Cost to attend is $20 per person.

Make your reservation by March 11 either online below, by email: dmgibbs@nmsu.edu, or by phone: 575-646-7495.

Meet NMSU Pioneers NEW Board President Emmit Brooks '61

Emmit Brooks may look familiar. He's considered "an icon" in the music industry - first performing as a member of the "Aggie Ramblers," a Western swing band that grew its fan base from 1957 until the mid-1970s.

This Melrose, New Mexico, native, who graduated from NMSU in 1961, eventually started a modest recording studio in Las Cruces called, Goldust Records Label. Today, he's drawing in national and international interest in recording partnerships and worked with many country music legends.

But, his role on the Pioneers Board is a reflection of his 27 years of service to New Mexico State University, working in the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.

"The NMSU Pioneers as an organization is really about having fun," Emmit said. "We're a group of Aggies that meet to keep up with others we used to work with and share experiences. And, if we can do a little good on the side by supporting our current students, that's great too."

Emmit takes the place of outgoing president Gregg Throneberry who served for the last year.

Our Spring Luncheon Guest Speakers

Department of Kinesiology and Dance (KIND)

Meet the students mixing science with dance to advance research on human movement.

You'll hear from Dr. Ray Backlund, the NMSU Dance Department coordinator, who will introduce a few students from the program to put on a short performance.

Eryn Murphy, a doctoral student in the department, will also demonstrate ways to live a healthier, active lifestyle while avoiding falls and injuries.

2019 New Mexico Legislative Session

Legislation You 'Outta' Know

Pension and health care-related issues have been proposed at the state level for consideration. Here are the 9 bills and where they stand.

  • SB 14, Educational Retirement Changes: To ensure fiscal strength and long-term sustainability, this bill requests eight changes to achieve full funding in a 30-year period. [BILL STATUS]
  • PASSED - HB 50, Audit Review by Board of Finance: This bill requires ERB, PERA and Office of the Treasurer to submit annual financial records to DFA for review. [BILL INFO]
  • SB 57, Additional Reports by Board of Finance: This bill would require ERB, Office of the Treasurer, PERA and SIC to provide additional information as part of the annual financial audit process. [BILL STATUS]
  • PASSED - HB 97, Local Government Investment Pool Participants: This bill amends current law to specifically allow ERB, PERA and SIC to participate in the Office of State Treasurer's Local Government Investment Pool. [BILL INFO]
  • PASSED - SB 157, Sick Leave for Educational Retirement Credit: This bill allows ERB members to convert sick leave to service credit. [BILL INFO]
  • SB 235, Investment Performance Based Compensation: This bill would allow ERB & PERA Boards to set compensation, including incentive based compensation for certain investment staff, thus eliminating the current requirement of compensation increases for exempt staff being approved by the Department of Finance & Adm. [BILL STATUS]
  • HB 360, Educational Retirement Changes: This bill provides changes to improve the sustainability of the Fund in a thirty year period. It is the House version of SB 14. [BILL STATUS]
  • HB 95, Retire Health Care Fund Contributions: This bill would incrementally increase rates of the Employee and Employer to the Retiree Health Care Fund. [BILL STATUS]

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