Fourth Grade Environmental Art at CCS A collaboration with Alice Trageser, Ms. Poirier's and Lara's classes, and the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy

The root of creativity is the ability to see things in a way others can not, and this week guest teacher Alice Trageser provided that spark for the fourth graders in Kathy Lara's and Lindas Poirier's classes. The lesson began with an introduction to the world renowned artwork of Andy Goldsworthy - a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures and land art. That was all the inspiration our students needed to then create their own works of art using whatever the local landscape had to offer. Here is a short video of Alice sharing her thoughts on the project:

Work began with imagining a potential design before students ever went outside, doing the preplanning of what they hoped they would be able to create - here are a couple samples:

The work from the students was pretty awesome, and included some great reflection as they shared their thinking and intentional designs - here is a short sample:

Over the coming weeks students will be expanding on their work, building up some written and video reflections - for now you can just enjoy a great collection of pictures from the day.

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