The Boys of Winter by wayne coffey

Wayne Coffey

Wayne Coffey is a 52 year old man that played one year of football on the New England Patriots as a wide receiver, He then became an author. He is an award-winning journalist for the New York Daily News and has wrote over 30 different books. Wayne mostly writes books about athletes or past events in the sporting world such as, Miracle on Ice which was a New York Times bestseller. Wayne Coffey is a three-time Pulitzer nominee and has been named one of the nation's top sports themed author 3 times in the last 5 years.

Originally published: 2005

The Boys Of Winter is an award winning book about the 1980 Olympic hockey team who won the gold medal for only the second time in history and the first time since 1960. The book has more to it then just the team winning gold. The book tells about why these Olympics were so great and why the win over the Soviet Union was such an important one. Many don't know that the US team actually beat Finland to win the gold and the game referred to as "Miracle on Ice" was just the semi-final. However, This game was the most important game because 1. they were not expected to even compete and 2. because of everything going on in the world outside hockey. The book explains the journey of Herb Brooks (the coach) and all the boys. The book focuses mainly on the win over the Soviets and explains how important the Olympics were with how much there was behind the games.

I overall liked the book and I enjoyed learning about the story behind the Olympics and what it took for the US team to win.

I didn't hate the way the book was set up but I didn't love how it seemed more like a documentary than a player telling the journey.

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