AOK: History Navi Chawla

Navi Chawla

Ansar, Patrick, and Duc

AOK: History

Is history meant to teach us lessons based on the “mistakes” of the past?

Progress Journal

4-10-17: In this project, I hope to learn more about whether history is meant to teach us lessons based on the “mistakes” of the past? History is meant to teach us from the mistakes of the past. Why else would historians record history? Not only to record the events, but also to preserve the lessons that these events could teach. Another question that we would need to consider is “Can history teach us about the past?”

4-12-17: History can teach us lessons and can enrich us, but only if we pay attention. It’s easy to fall under the thinking that “It won’t happen to us” or “That won’t happen”, but if we pay attention to history it often shows us that it not only happens but it often does happen to us.

Extension: I choose this extension because it relates to our essential question and it digs deeper into whether we learn from history.

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