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Finalist: Clunes Ceramic 2017
Stories from Sea & Land. Left Bank Gallery December 2017
Table Talk exhibition at kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney. October 2017
Curator and exhibiting artist. Kindred exhibition at Left Bank Gallery. June 2017
In conjunction with the Kindred exhibition, I will be teaching 2 ceramic workshops located at Left Bank Gallery.
Titled Captured and extending upon my fascination with exploiting porcelain’s possibilities and boundaries, each vessel captures pockets of recycled stoneware neriage (pattern pieces), slip soaked wool, materials and minerals. Raw minerals associated with some of Australia’s most recognisable clays play different roles in my incongruous clay recipe. They have run amok during firing but are now trapped in stasis, seemingly immovable and permanently suspended on the surface.
30th Gold Coast International Ceramics Art Award People's Choice winner.
Larissa Warren

Gold Coast ceramist Larissa Warren has her own unique approach to clay. With a passion for traditional Japanese neriage (pattern) techniques, Larissa creates some engaging surfaces by combining translucent porcelain, colour and mixed textured clay.

Larissa designs and creates distinctive original artwork from her home studio, located in her renovated fisherman’s hut at Runaway Bay. Having graduated from Griffith University in 2000 with a degree in Fine Art and another in Secondary Art Education, Larissa has spent 17 years teaching art, photography and ceramics.

She exhibits work frequently in art awards and several group shows around Australia and will be exhibiting with Left Bank Gallery in June and December.

This month Larissa is a finalist in the Clunes Ceramic Award. Previous adventures include: finalist in the Moreton Bay Art prize, the Rotary Art prize and People’s Choice winner in last year’s Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award. In June, L.A based Ann330 Gallery presented Larissa’s work in America’s largest design Fair: Dwell on Design.

contact: ratbagstudios@icloud.com

Current work- Autumn series- promotional image used by Keane Ceramics in the Journal of Australian Ceramics.
Pockets of raw clays sourced from South East Queensland captured in stunning white and translucent porcelain.
Clay pits in Ipswich, Queensland.
Brown/black & white porcelain with contrasting stoneware inlay- 2016
Finalist- 2017 Moreton Bay Art Prize ‘Nesting’ is study of nature’s beauty and cruelty, hostility and hospitality. Of all the birds in the world, none may be as shrewd and vicious as brood parasites. One such bird, the opportunistic Eatern Koel, found in many Eastern Australian backyards, dumps their eggs into another species’ nest to avoid wasting time and energy on childcare. The very first act upon the chick hatching is to kill their adopted “siblings” by pushing the rightful eggs and chicks out, becoming the sole recipient of the food. The host parents won’t realise what’s going on and will continue to feed the fast-growing chick. The chick, who quickly becomes four times the size of its ‘parents’ has them foraging for food, due to its relentless calling. Over time, hosts birds have evolved brilliant defences against these tactics, but both sides continue to fight to get the upper hand, demonstrating evolution in plain sight. Each of my porcelain and mixed stoneware objects bare similar markings to the Koel chick. They represent turmoil in that they aren’t uniform. There is an element of decay which references the family unit and yet they still appear strong and resilient.
2017 Rotary Art Prize, Brisbane
2017 Rotary Art Prize, Brisbane
Christmas Collections- at Kerrie Lowe Gallery

In flux

  • One of the great surprises of porcelain is that it appears so precious, yet it is remarkably strong. This series of work explores the possibilities and limitations of porcelain when combined with heavy grogged stoneware clays, slipcast within 3mm walls in order to exploit the medium’s translucency. My desire is to unlock the beauty of contrast; creating a complexity from simplicity, by encouraging closer examination of the deposits of colour and texture and how they perform in different light.
Porcelain has a legacy of preciousness, yet, it proves to be assertive and remarkably strong. I love its purity and sensitivity to being fused with heavily grogged stoneware clays. My childhood memories are bound together by the translucent and resonant medium. It swirls through, enmeshed like DNA. It’s difficult to control the contrasting clays, but I like how the smooth medium holds and attempts to reframe history.
In flux series on display in the Collective 8 exhibition at Robina Art Gallery 19-31st July 2016
Accolade Show at Kerrie Lowe Gallery March- April 2017
top left, on exhibition at the Gold Coast Art Gallery Sept/Oct 2016

Neon Underlay

Neon Underlay Series at Jam Factory, Adelaide.
Neon Underlay Series 1: detail of lamp
Neon Underlay Series 2 functional ware. Slip cast porcelain with stained inlay sections
Porcelain wall platters with stained inlay, private collection
coloured porcelain
' Butterfly Effect' Small & tall vases. Private Collection
'Stones in the Ocean' with coloured inlay. Small vase & large warped bowl. Private Collection

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