What is France By Seth,Sloane,Mateo

Eiffel Tower
The French flag

Traditional Bonnet

Appearance: Types of clothing include include blouses, aprons, bonnets, are some examples of clothes. France is known for art, and fashion. The clothing depends on the region of France.

Belief system: The population of France is mostly Catholic

Communications: The main language spoken in France is French. A customary greeting is kissing each other when you meet.

Dates: France became independent in 1789. Some holidays there are May Day, Victory in Europe Day, Bastille Day, WW1 Armistice.

A soccer ball

Entertainment: Music: gregorian, classical, opera, folk, chanson, nouvenechanson-cancan Dances: Waltz, polka, mazurka, marche Sports: Tour de France, football, rugby, basketball, motor sports, hanball

Food: escargot, baguette, soupe al oignon gratinee, quiche au saumon et crevettes. Government: France believes in equality, but traditional roles are still expected to take place. Men provide for the family, and woman stay at home and clean. France has a democracy. Which means there is a president of France.

Housing: Houses in France: Bastille, Chatentaise, Domaine, Fermette, Longère, Maison à colombages, Mas.

Information: Types of schools: kindergarten, primary, middle, high school.

French grapes in a vineyard for wine.
"Mona Lisa" painted by Leonardo Da Vinci

Jobs: wine and fruit pickers/growers, maintenance technician,cafe servers, social and cultural activity leaders, multi-skilled assistant and trainees with food. Artists (painters, dancers, musicians, and teachers.)

Kind of environment: July is the hottest month. 68 degrees Fahrenheit is the hottest temperature in July.

France license plate

Leftovers: The population 66.03 million people in France in 2013. France was the country to use license plates. France was the first country to use license plates.

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