Fundamentals of vision training By leo angart

We are not designed to sit in front of computers all day. In fact, we are not designed to sit for as long as we do. The human body is constructed to move all the time but in today's environment we tend to sit for most of the day and hold our focus on the computer screen. Employers do not pay employees to look out the window.

If muscles are locked into one position for extended periods of time they tend to lock or cramp. If positions are held for a long time, the body ( the structure) adapt to what we are doing and this is expressed in this formula.

Function, what you do will influence structure, your body.

This is a fundamental fact of physiology. So the visual system is stressed, we need to remove the stress as a basic first step.

Your eyes should newer be painful.

Another basic aspect is the level of energy in your eyes. One lady asked me. "how do you know if your eyes are tired?" My answer was. "when you do not feel your eyes." Do not expect to improve your eyesight if your eyes are tired. You cannot expect to run a marathon without training can you?

In other words, your eyes should have enough energy to function at full efficiency throughout the day call it stamina or energy, if you will.

Healthy eyes are never tired.

Your eyes consume 30% of the energy available to your brain. When you look at a subset almost two- thirds of your brain is active. Therefore, it is easy to understand that visual performance will be affected if you are low in energy.

The grater the vision problems you have the lower the energy level in your eyes is likely to be. Lenses, especially those you need to adjust to, are more likely to drain your visual energy.

The Chinese call this energy Chi.

To get rid of your glasses you need first address the problem of stress or pain in your eyes. Secondly, you need to have sufficient energy for your eyes to function at optimum capacity throughout the entire day.

Having enough energy in your eyes we can start exercises to get your eyesight back to normal.

I had myopia (-5.50 diopters) for 26 years - so I speak from personal experience it is not something I learned from someone, nor did I attend classes ( there was none). About three months of exercise every two hours my eyesight was restored to normal. Five years later I came across the Bates Method. So I cannot say that my eyesight was restored by the Bates Method but I do recognize Dr, Bates as the grandfather of the idea that vision can be trained.

I restored my eyesight 25 years ago and my good eyesight has lasted until today.

You can do this as well.
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