Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School Bulletin ( Vol. 21 ) ( Issue No. 1 ) Oct. 4, 2018

Calendar Reminders

Oct. 4- Minimum Day, 12:00 Noon Dismissal, Faculty Meeting; Car Raffle Drawing ticket stubs & payment due; OLPH Volleyball Home Game @ Sacred Heart

Oct. 4- School Liturgy of the Word @ 8:30 am prepared by 4th Grade; Student of the Month Awards Assembly after school liturgy

Oct. 5- No School-Teacher In-service

Oct. 8- Cheesecake delivery at 2:00 pm; OLPH Football Game at Raymond Cree

Oct. 10- Kindergarten Field Trip to Riley's Farm

Oct. 11- School Liturgy of the Word @ 8:30 am prepared by 3rd Grade; OLPH Volleyball Home Game against Desert Adventist Academy, Student Council Chipotle Fundraiser, La Quinta

Oct. 12- 4th Grade Epels fundraiser after school

Oct. 15- OLPH Volleyball Game at Raymond Cree

Oct. 16 - 4th & 6th Grade Field Trip to the McCallum Theatre; OLPH Football Game @ Sacred Heart; OLPH Volleyball Game @ Palm Valley

Oct. 16 - Pet Food Drive (dogs & cats)

Oct. 17 - OLPH Volleyball Home Game against Desert Christian Academy

Oct. 18 - School Liturgy @ 8:30 am prepared by 2nd Grade; 8th Grade Retreat @ Camp Surf/Imperial Beach

Oct. 19 - "Free Dress" for $2.00, proceeds benefits lanyards for students; 8th Grade Retreat @ Camp Surf/Imperial Beach

Renaissance STAR Testing

The past few weeks students have been assessed in Language Arts and Math through Renaissance STAR Reading, STAR Early Literacy, and STAR Math. These assessments are standards based and computer adaptive, guiding teachers toward the right content for each student. The assessments measure a student's reading comprehension, math skills, monitors achievement and growth, and track understanding of focus skills aligned to state specific learning standards.

The STAR Reading, STAR Early Literacy, and STAR Math is used as a diagnostic tool to support teachers in improving student learning. It is one way teachers assess students' knowledge of content taught. Parents/Guardians will receive the results of these assessments at Parent/Teacher Conferences in November. Feel free to contact your child's teacher if you have any questions regarding STAR Reading, STAR Early Literacy and/or STAR Math.

Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following students who were selected Student of the Month for September. The Schoolwide Learning Expectation chosen was a Responsible Person. These students were on task! Keep up the great work. We are very proud of your achievements!

Kindergarten- Kristi Berzon, Faith Escobar

First Grade- Giuliana Perez, Vyktoria Romero

Second Grade- Anya Borquez, Ariana Chaparro

Third Grade- Sebastian Rodriguez

Fourth Grade- Veronika Romero

Fifth Grade- Viviana Terriquez, Elizabeth Pinedo

Sixth Grade- Arayah Robles

Seventh Grade- Nicademus Flores

Eighth Grade- Isabella Reed

Computer Studies- Jojo Ninh, Sebastian Huerta, Kathleen Gonzalez, Emma Aguilar

Physical Education- Scarlett Domingos, Jaylen Ninh, Andrew Gonzalez, Isabella Reed

Progress Reports

Today Progress Reports were sent home with each student. The Progress Report is one way to inform parents of their child's academic progress in the subjects taught. This helps the parent to gauge where the student is in their learning and areas of improvement that may be needed. There is plenty of time to work with your child in his/her studies before the trimester ends. Keep in mind that the final grade for the First Trimester is given in November when the report card is presented to the parent at Parent/Teacher Conferences. Feel free to contact your child's teacher if you have any questions regarding your child's academic progress.

Our sports season is off to a great start! Thank you to our girls' volleyball teams and our boys' football team for their enthusiasm to support Our Lady of Perpetual Help School through their active participation in sports. The students are working hard under their dedicated coaches and are ready for this season. Thank you to Mrs. Saenz, Mrs. Castro, Mr. Barrera-volleyball and Mr. Terriquez, Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Covarrubias-football. You have been awesome!

We invite everyone to come and cheer our angels at the games. Your support is appreciated! Please refer to the October calendar for days the teams are playing. Good luck Angels!!!

OLPH Fall Festival, Sunday November 4

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish/School Fall Festival is right around the corner! We are so excited to host this event again. Please tell your family and friends to save this day for them! We are looking forward to a fun and enjoyable time at OLPH 2018 Fall Festival! Please see attached letter sent home to families.

Parents, if you are available to help sell Fall Festival drawing tickets after the Masses this weekend (October 6 & 7), please contact Sarah Romero at (760) 485-4321. Your support is appreciated! Thank you!

Safety Measures

At our Parents' Club Meeting in September we mentioned the school administration, faculty, and staff are working on implementing additional safety measures for our school. These daily school security measures include the following:

* All staff wear a lanyard with photo identification.

*Gates are to be locked at all times throughout the school day.

*All staff direct visitors to the main office and notify the office that a visitor is to be expected.

*All staff report any visitors without visitor stickers to the office immediately.

*At least one staff member be in the office when students are on campus.

*All staff should report any suspicious circumstances or threats immediately to the office or police department.

*All staff prepare and review emergency procedures and evacuation routes throughout the year.

*All staff is to follow Lockdown/Evacuation Procedures/Radio Codes.

*All students are to wear a lanyard with photo identification.

On Friday October 19, we will have a "Free Dress" day for $2.00 to raise money needed to purchase lanyards for each student in preschool-8th grades. Our priority is the safety of each student. Your support in assisting us is always welcomed. Please remember the following:

The school is a closed campus. This also includes preschool. Dropping off lunches or stopping by the school is not permitted during school hours (8:15 am -2:50 pm). However, if your child has an appointment and you need to pick up your child, this is fine.

The Holy Rosary

The Rosary is an important devotion that honors Mary while focusing on the events in the life of Jesus Christ. As Catholic Christians, we learn about our faith, learn our prayers, and model good values taught to us by Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. It is only appropriate that we set aside time to reflect and pray the Rosary. October 7 is the feast of the Holy Rosary. This is why we pray the Rosary during the month of October.

The Rosary is a Scripture-based prayer. It begins with the Apostles Creed, which summarizes the great mysteries of the Catholic faith. The Our Father, which introduces each mystery is from the Gospels. The first part of the Hail Mary is the angel's words announcing Christ's birth and Elizabeth's greeting to Mary. St. Pius V officially added the second part of the Hail Mary. The mysteries of the Rosary center on the events of Christ's life. There are four set of mysteries: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and added by Saint John Paul II in 2002-the Luminous.

The repetition in the Rosary is meant to lead one into restful and contemplative prayer related to each mystery. The gentle repetition of the words helps us to enter into the silence of our hearts, where Christ's spirit dwells. The Rosary can be said privately or with a group.---www.usccb.org

To learn how to pray the Rosary you can refer to Catholic Online at www.catholic.org

Mission Statement

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, in partnership with our parish, is to create an environment that nurtures that minds and spirits of our students, helping them to experience learning, live Gospel values in their daily lives, and proclaim with confidence and courage the teachings to Jesus Christ.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations
Parent Club Lunch Bar

The Parent Board has officially open a Parent Club Lunch Bar. This lunch bar will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the school year during lunch time. Students may purchase the following items:

*Chicken Almond Cranberry Salad cup: $4.00

*Chef Bistro Salad: $4.00

*Deli Sandwich (turkey or ham): $3.00

*Sargento Balanced Breaks: $1.50

*Organic Hard Boiled Eggs (2): $1.00

*Goldfish Crackers: $0.50

*Oreo Thins: $0.50

*Pringles cup: $0.50

*Rice Krispies Treats: $0.75

*Danimals Smoothie: $0.50

*Frito Lay Variety: $0.75

*Honest Kids Juice: $1.00

*Dole Diced Peaches: $0.50

*String Cheese: $0.50

Thank you Parent Board for organizing this for our students. A special thank you to Ms. Angelica Alcazar and Mrs. Gretchen Diaz!


*Begin your morning with prayer.

*Read every day to your child.

*Make quality time for your children and family.

*Take the time to communicate often with your child's teacher.

*Be courteous in the parking lot. Follow the guidelines for the Bliss Ave parking lot and the Staff parking lot. Be patient and observant of others.

*Remind your child to dress in correct uniform.

*Electronic devices such as cell phones and smart watches are not allowed in school. If there is a need to have a device such as this for your child, please have your child bring to the office before school and he/she can pick it up after school.

*Food and beverages are not allowed in the classrooms. Your cooperation and support are appreciated.

*Tomorrow, Friday October 5, school is not in session. Teachers will be at an in-service.

2019 Ford Mustang

Don't forget to turn in your car drawing ticket stubs and payment for a chance to win a 2019 Ford Mustang! The drawing will take place in December at the Bishop's Golf Classic. Congratulations to Mr. Felipe Torres, one of our grandparents, who won the car last year!

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School collects Box Tops! We are asking families and students to clip and turn in Box Tops for Education. Please see the list below of products that have Box Tops. This is a great way to earn money for our school. Your support is appreciated.

"We ask for grace to listen to one another, in order to discern together what the Lord is asking of His Church." -Pope Francis

Catholic Calendar
St. Francis of Assisi

(1881-October 3, 1226)

Today October 4 is the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis of Assisi was a poor little man who astounded and inspired the Church by taking the gospel literally-not in a narrow fundamentalist sense, but by actually following all that Jesus said and did, joyfully, without limit and without a sense of self-importance.

Serious illness brought the young Francis to see the emptiness of his frolicking life as leader of Assisi's youth. Prayer-lengthy and difficult-led him to a self-emptying like that of Christ, climaxed by embracing a leper he met on the road. It symbolized his complete obedience to what he had heard in prayer. "Francis! Everything you have loved and desired in the flesh it is your duty to despise and hate, if you wish to know my will. And when you have begun this, all that now seems sweet and lovely to you will become intolerable and bitter, but all that you used to avoid will turn itself to great sweetness and exceeding joy."

From the cross in the neglected field-chapel of San Damiano, Christ told him, "Francis, go out and build up my house, for it is nearly falling down." Francis became the totally poor and humble workman. He gave up all his possessions, so that he would be totally free to say, "Our Father in heaven."

During the last years of his relatively short life (he died at 44), he was half blind and seriously ill. Two years before his death, he received the stigmata, the real and painful wounds of Christ in his hands, feet, and side. Pope Gregory IX canonized Francis on July 16, 1228 and was designated patron saint of Italy. He later became associated with the patronage of animals and the natural environment and it became customary for Catholic and Anglican churches to hold ceremonies blessing animals on his feast day of October 4.

Pet Food Drive

OLPH School will have a Pet Food Drive on Tuesday October 16. Please bring in a can/bag of dog or cat food to support our Coachella Valley's animal shelters. A container will be in the school lobby for donations. This is a great opportunity to show our students that dogs and cats are special beings and should not be forgotten. Thank you to St. Francis for taking care of animals and leading by example.

What is your Catholic IQ?
Last Question

The woman whose home Jesus liked to visit and is known as the patron saint of cooks and homemakers is

c. St. Martha

New Question

The rosary is usually associated with

a. St. Benedict and the Benedictines

b. St. Dominic and the Dominicans

c. St. Francis and the Franciscans

d. St. Ignatius and the Jesuits

See answer in next bulletin!

Prayer Corner

Please pray for:

*Pope Francis

*Most Reverend Bishop Gerald Barnes

*Father Alex, Father Erwin, and all religious clergy

*OLPH School Parish & School Families

*Violence and Injustice

*Peace among all nations

Our Lady of Perpetual Help pray for us and bless our school
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