Good Life Nature Activity Charan Kotha


Visiting the Natural History museum was a visually engaging experience. I got to see and experience nature and also understand the effects our presence has on nature.

Nature on Display

The butterfly garden was my favorite exhibit in the museum. Its open air feel and lush vegetation makes you feel like you are in the amazon. The serene sounds of the calm waters rushing added to the feel that this was a natural way to see butterflies. But perhaps the biggest surprise was how close I was to the butterflies. There were no barriers to separate us and I felt truly attached to them. I learned that butterflies need warm climates to thrive and are cold blooded which is why early in the day when the sun is up, they stay on the roof. I understood this fact much more clearly because I was there to see it. Overall, the museum gave me a newfound appreciation for nature and how we got to this place through eons of evolution and adaptation.

Nature and Ethics

If there's one thing the natural history museum excels at, it's allowing people to admire and love nature up close and personal. In that way the museum did give me the opportunity to explore and respect nature in a way that is easily accessible to anyone. I learned how interdependent we are on nature for your wellbeing. I felt that I was understanding nature and our relationship as I was exploring the museum. I thought of the abuses that the environment has suffered under humans and how we are trying to fix it. Most of the people I saw reacted with pleasure and happiness towards the butterflies and wonder towards the wooly mammoth skeletons. Although the museum provided a great experience and newfound love for nature, by itself it did not make me want to go out and chain myself to trees. I know that protecting the environment is a duty we as humans have but there are better ways to show people the beauty of nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Our lives are very confined to our routines of work and play. the museum helps us step out of these routines and enjoy and explore the world around us.

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