Abstract Sea PhotographY and words by tanya g burnett

It's a magnificent journey and gift to discover the beauty within the ocean. Every time I immerse, I see amazing sea life with interesting colors, textures, patterns and movement of light. Looking deeper at this life you see even more detail and how the natural light captures it, how new colors or textures are divulged.

Tiny curls of soft Euphelia coral create an interesting carpet that wobbles back and forth with water movement.

Each abstract image has its own story. Once you are captivated by its beauty, you naturally ask yourself questions like; Is it soft, is it sticky, does it sting, why is it the color that it is? What role does it play in nature?

You become a new student and a new teacher to others.

Fire urchin spines, soft coral branches, sea anemone tentaclesĀ 
Colonial tunicates, the siphon of a giant clam and tiny coral polyps
Bubble coral, feather duster worm, coral polyps and sea anemone tentacles
Sea star texture, brittle star feather duster worm and cushion star
Acropora coral polyps, colonial zoanthid, leather coral polyps, large coral polyps

Viewing the details of the sea and its life in their abstract form become an ever changing palate for an artist, for an artist seeking new inspiration for a canvas or a photographic wonderland for a photographer.

To view more of my work, visit Island Exposure

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Tanya G Burnett


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