Tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History Tracy Lin

Nature on Display

The exhibit that was particularly appealing to me was the fossil exhibition. In this exhibit, different species of fossils are built up in vast magnitude to present to the audience. The giant ground sloth fossils towered over me providing me a clear understanding of the intimidating size of this extinct specie. The presentation of these species are what I found unique and gave me an experience that I can't find just anywhere. The fossils were also accompanied by descriptions that further explained the background of each specie. Information such as the function of the sloth claw, the behaviors of the rhino, or the magnitude of the mammoth are clearly taught and provided more in-depth knowledge to the visitors. As a result, I learned more about species that I don't approach on a daily basis and I learn to appreciate the amazing strength and beauty of these creatures.

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly exhibit provided me the opportunity to experience and appreciate nature in newly profound ways. When I walked through the double doors, I was fully immersed in the world of the butterflies. I felt a sense of relaxation and inspiration as I looked upon the beauty of the fluttering butterflies. The museum docent provided me in-depth knowledge of the origin of the tailed jay swallowtail and the blue morpho, two beautifully colored species of butterflies that captivated me. The butterfly exhibit provided a way for me to approach nature in ways never before. I could come close enough to examine the butterfly without the fear of it disappearing. This allowed me to be able to examine longer and become more inspired with the nature around me. In a way, this exhibit made me want to the appreciate and protect the eye-opening beauty of the butterfly much like how Leopold imagined.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum of Natural History helps us step out of our ordinary lives by providing us an experience and portal to a world outside our own. In most of our lives, we are too involved and busied with our issue to stop and appreciate world around us. The museum exhibits provide an inside look at our ancestors, our world around us, and the beauty of nature itself. The exhibit such as Calusa people lets use walk into the lives of these ancestral people. The frog and butterfly exhibits allow us to appreciate these creatures on a more intimate interaction. And the various other exhibits help us develop a better understanding of nature itself. As a result, we better understand who we are and where we stand on this beautiful planet.

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