Less is more minimal impact, great architecture

Less is more is a simple concept and a phrase adopted in 1947 by the german architect Mies Van Der Rohe that explained through his work, the same concept used by another architect, the dutch Rem Koolhaas for the project of Fondazione Prada's new tower.

Prospects of 'Torre'

'Torre' that simply means tower is the last realization of a larger project for the Fondazione Prada begun with the renovation of a distillery built in the early of '900 and that is the new house for contemporary art collections. In a renewal project that also includes new buildings, the way in which the two realities share space and dialogue with each other is very important.

Old and new

In a renovation project is very important the confront with the preexistences of the place, here it is possible to read the urban texture through the huge windows of the new building, a sort of contemporary watch tower as in the medieval castles in which can also read the skyline of Milano.

Urban texture
View of the railway station of Porta Romana
Art speaks to the city

Also the choice of materials for the flooring of some external and internal parts of the ground floor refers to this area of ​​the city, next to the railway station of Porta Romana by using sections that seem to be made from the old wooden sleepers of the tracks.


The entry of the tower is already a surprise from the street with its light closure made by transparent tubes that close without hide and show multiple reflected images.

Entry of the tower from the street
Detail of the closure in transparent cylinders
The Tower hall
Big eye detail

The stairs are a compendium of minimalism with the lighting that underline the geometries and that it itself became architectural element like the wall on entry to the exhibition rooms. The vertical surfaces are minimal by using material tipycal of a construction site like the multilayer wood and the aluminum grid structure.a

The stairs
Enlightening wall
Common materials, lighting and neutral colors


Cinzia Campari

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