Pretty Much Cray 10 flags He Might be crazy

Raise your hand if you have dated a crazy man before ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿพ! Everyone has dated at least one unstable creature. You know as well as I know it's no walk around the park. But still somehow we get bamboozled time and time again. So I have complied the biggest red flags , that most ladies look past in a relationship or while dating. You can thank me later ! Let's just jump right into it.

  1. He's super intense from the gate ! - Everything seems "passionate". He already started talking about future kids and meeting parents on date 3. He has already started using inclusive terms like "we". He's pretty much already married you in his mind. This could be signs of clingy , aggressive board line stalker man.
  2. He's just like you ! -ย That's super great right ? He likes everything you like ,you've been through the same trials and tribulations...Girl Run!ย identical twins aren't even that similar! He's doing something psychologist like to call mirroring. All good psychopaths do this!
  3. All my ex -girlfriends were crazy ! - now granted it's levels to our crazy ๐Ÿ˜œ. but every girl , every one! Having a few ok , but all of them is a clear sign he has trouble interacting with females and he is the problem.
  4. He overly compliments ! - Who doesn't like being called beautiful? But when boo says it so much you get tired of hearing it , that might be signs of a needy personality!
  5. He said he love you in the beginning! - Now I'm a hopeless romantic, I believe in love at first sight and all that. But when you don't even know wheather I snore in my sleep or have a infactuation with poping pimples: love is a bit much in months 1-3.
  6. He knows information you haven't shared ! - I know we live in the google era, but if he knows a bit too much. He may be too much of a lurker ( insert cough stalker).
  7. He exaggerates his success or his problems - we all embellish in the beginning to show off but if Mr. Mr. seems too good to be true , go with that feeling. If he is all gloom and grey skies those might be red flags for spouts with depression as well as manic depression (extreme highs & extreme lows). If you can handle that go for it , if not walk away slow.
  8. Sex is just weird -to each their own, but if you find yourself wondering what the hell during sex ... well you know the rest
  9. All to himself- If you find that you're always the one canceling with friends and spending 80% of your time with boo only, you may be with a controlling man. On the other hand he goes out and just wants you at home like a prized possession ,he might be a bit "craytrolling " ( crazy and controlling )
  10. Lastly, If your boyfriend say "Im going to beat your a%^" jokingly- Some where , somehow "i'm going to kill you " and similar phrases have been used in everyday lingo and though usually people don't really mean it. If someone, I mean anyone says things like that way more then they should. Take that as a warning!( There is a bit of truth to every jk)

Hopefully this helps you , because lord knows I needed this list when I first started dating. Have you dated any crazies? Comment your crazy experiences below!

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