Boudoir Prep Guide

Choosing The Right Outfits

When booking your boudoir session, give yourself enough time to find the right outfits for the look you want to achieve. If you are ordering online, make sure they are going to arrive in time to try them on. I want you to feel your best, so be sure they fit properly!

Looks you'll LOVE!

Bra & Undies Set: As with your every day bras, a proper fit is key! Be sure the band isn't too tight, or it will leave an impression in your skin. Also something to keep in mind, if you have a larger chest you will want to look for bras with more support. As cute as bralettes are, there isn't any support. But with so many lingerie stores, it's not hard to find a sexy AND supportive bra! You should also look for sets that have flattering underwear. I'm obsessed with high waisted bottoms personally because it helps conceal my tummy and still gives me a great shape!
Bustiers & Corsets: Both bustiers and corsets are tight fitting to the body and are usually (not always) boned. Corsets typically have a laced back whereas bustiers have hooks like bras. Both options give some amazing curves! My personal opinion on corsets is that they aren't the best for a boudoir session. Its difficult to move in, and posing can be a challenge. Also, if they don't hit you at the right points, they can be a bit unflattering. Try sticking to the bustiers that come down a little lower on your hips!
Teddies & Bodysuits: Again, two very similar pieces of lingerie. They both offer more coverage, similar to a swimsuit. These are a great option for EVERY body type! While I love these options, not all are created equal. For women with a larger chest you will want to find a bodysuit with support.
Another option is to use some of the clothes you already have! For a sportier look, jeans and a sports bra works fantastic. A leather jacket is a no brainer with some sexy undies. A slouchie sweater or oversized cardigan paired with some leg warmers never disappoints. And of course, the tank top.
Accessories: Don't forget the finishing touches! A garter belt with stockings works with almost every outfit. And shoe can be added in for fun! If you're planning on using outfits from the Client Closet, please bring both a black and nude g-string to go under the outfits.

For more inspiration, check out the boudoir pinterest page below!

Some of my favorite places to shop:

pamper yourself!

Follow these steps to help look and feel your best!

Skin Prep

Arrive with a clean face.


Lotion your skin several days leading up to your session to make sure it is soft and moist. We don't want itchy/flakey skin.

If you're planning on waxing, be sure it's done a few days early so you're skin isn't red or irritated. Groom ALL the areas: legs, arms, bikini.


Wear loose fitting cloths the night before and the morning of your session so there are no marks on your skin. PJ's are always a good option ;)

Hair Prep

Arrive with your hair blown out smooth. This will save time with the HMUA.

If you're hair needs colored, be sure you get that taken care of about 3 days prior to your session. This gives you enough time to correct it if you don't like it.

Additional Prep

Make sure your nails look GOOD! Small details like this will be noticeable, especially when you're hands are near your face.

Eat a light meal before your shoot and drink TONS of water starting the night before! DO NOT drink alcohol at least 12 hours before you shoot. This dries out the skin and will be noticeable.

STRETCH. You will be put into poses that need to be held to get all those good angles. You may also be a bit sore afterwards, so plan a nice relaxing bath!


Will my images be shared publicly?

ONLY if you allow it! On your contract you can choose one of three options: 1. Yes, share everything everywhere! 2. Share only with other women who have already booked/planning to book a session or in the private women's only group! 3. Don't share at all. If you decide to change your mind after seeing your images you are more than welcome to!

Can I bring a friend?

If bringing a friend makes you feel more comfortable, then sure! You are limited to just one friend as it can get a little distracting. Make sure the friend you bring is one that uplifts and supports you!

I'm nervous. Should I really be doing this?!

YES! Everyone is nervous. I was nervous when I did my boudoir shoot, but I was on a personal journey to get out of my comfort zone. We all have our insecurities, no doubt, but let me show you how to silence them! You will look AMAZING!

Do you offer nude or semi nude photography?

I sure do! Tastefully done ones, that is ;) I will let you know if the specific pose you are looking for is outside of my comfort zone. I don't want you looking back on these images years later wishing you hadn't don't something.

Don't forget to look over the product guide

I am so excited to see you at your session! If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to email me at abigailpricephotography@gmail.com

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