The distractions students face on a daily basis Is technology helping students grow or are they detrimental to student learning?

Growing up in a modern age of technology, I have a pretty good understanding on the different application, platforms, and technology used by students, since I am one and I use a lot of the same things. In today’s age it is nearly impossible, or highly difficult to not use technology either in the classroom or outside of it in order to get work done. Employers nowadays want students who know how to use technology and computers to help improve their businesses. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, etc. All of those applications can be accessed by any device, making them more accessible anywhere.

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Having your laptop or phone to take notes it actually really helpful for someone like me, because I can type faster than I can write making it easier for me to get down notes and still be able to listen to add more to my notes from PowerPoints. The question with the technology though, is it detrimental to our learning? Being a student, I know that when I used various applications during class they can be distracting in some sort of level from what the teacher is saying, but I also am able to get down the notes that I need to in order to understand.

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I talked to a few other students to get their take on how technology is used in their lives. I asked them the various questions:

What technology or applications do you usually use on a daily basis?

What technology do you use while studying or doing homework?

What technology do you use during class?

How do you use the technology in class?

What distractions happen while you study or are in class?

Do you think that technology can be detrimental to learning in the classroom? How and why?

Do you think that technology can be helpful to learning in the classroom? How and why?

What would you suggest to make sure that technology stays helpful while learning in the classroom?

The answers I received seemed to match what I would have said for mine. Some applications used were twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and youtube. My last questions was where I thought would be the most interesting to see the different answers. One person answered "When in the classroom applications such as blackboard, and our wsu email accounts are necessities for all students, maybe finding a way to use more online applications like I use in a lot of my classes, to make sure that students are engaged during the duration of the class. That would be my suggestion". Another interesting answer that came when asking those questions was that obviously using these applications in class while trying to learn everyone believed could be detrimental, but when studying it was kind of a way to refresh the mind and give it a break especially when trying to write an essay for example.

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It is a way to give the mind a break and then be able to finish the work with a less tired brain. A few other answers mentioned that laptops can be helpful in the classroom, not only for teachers, but for students. Like I mentioned before note taking is a big one that is helpful to be done on a laptop to make it easier to get down as much as students can. People seemed to feel that laptops were a necessity while in the classroom and while studying.

As a result of these questions it is clear that yes some people view them as distractions in the classroom, which is an accurate statement, but they can also be helpful. Technology in today's age is going to be around and expanding, so making sure that technology stays helpful is what is going to key in providing the most good for students in the classroom.

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