Wild weather Elle p.


The state of the atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wet or dry, calm or windy, clear or cloudy.


Facts or information used to calculate, antilize, or plan something.

I leaned about floods, blizzards, thunder storms, and lightning. Biomes and persipatasion.

What I leaned about graphing data is you need to research to find out what the weather is going to be like.


The usual weather conditions in a particular region.

In the tropical zone is warm and hot it is also humid. In the temperate zone it is in the middle of warm and cold. And the polar zone is freezing cold and no trees grow there.


Artic tundra, grasslands, deciduous forests, tiaga, tropical forest, desert.


If you build your houuse hyer it won't flood.

The solution to pertect a building from a fire is a lightning rod that is made of metal so the lightning will go to the rod and safely go threw a wire and to the ground. A lightning rod goes on the top of the tallest building.


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