Chapte r 11 Biology

The Cell Cycle

The cell cycle can be summarized as the events that takes place during a cells life from the time it is created to the time when its cytoplasm divides.


Interphase is the time that a cell spends inbetween divisions. A cell will spend the majority of its life in interphase. During interphase a cell will replicate its DNA as it braces itself to divide again.


Prophase is referred to as the first stage of mitosis. During prophase the final preparations occur for cell division and teh nuclear envelope breaks apart.


Metaphase is when all of the chromosomes align inbetween the two spindle poles.


Anaphase is when two sister chromatids spree ate from each other and they move to the opposite spindle poles.


During telophase the two sister chromosomes arrive at the opposite spindle poles and begin to break apart. Then two new nuclei form.


Telomeres are non coding repeating DNA sequences. They are found at the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes. The purpose of these are to protect the body from uncontrolled cell division.


Cancer is a horrible disease that has claimed the lives of millions of people worldwide and needs to be stopped. There I currently no cure for many forms of cancer although it can be treated through kimo-therapy. The disease causes your cells to divide uncontrollably.


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