My animal is the wolverine. The wolverine is a mammal. The color of wolverines are brown, black and white. The height of the male wolverine is 16 inches and the height of the female is 14 inches. The weight of the male wolverine is 25-55 lbs and the weight of the female is 15-30 lbs. They have bushy tails, small ears that are rounded, big brown eyes, a long snout, and cream markings on their head. The animals that are related to them are weasels.

My animal is an omnivore it eats fruits and meat. What the wolverine eats to survive is deer, moose, wild sheep, elk, rabbits, beavers, squirrels, fish, reptiles, birds, carions, and sometimes berries. The wolverine does have an unusual eating habit, it eats the bone and the teeth of prey. Wolverines are at the top of a the food chain because they have been known to kill wolves and bears. The wolverines predator is humans. Their prey is usually caribou, moose, elk, and deer. These animals eat grass and bushes.

Wolverines prefer colder areas like Northern Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Taiga forest. But they live in other places of the world like Siberia, Scandinavia, Europe, North East China, and North East Magnolia. What the wolverine uses as a home is a den in the snow. Wolverines live by themselves before they mate.

The wolverine has several adaptations. One of them is that they have a thick body to keep warm. They have a powerful sense of smell to find animals under the snow. They have big paws to move around in the snow. They also have a stinky odor to keep enemies away.

Wolverine's enemies are wolves, porcupines, bears, and humans. They use their sharp claws and strong jaws to defend themselves against these animals. If a wolverine sees a porcupine it will kill it but not eat it. They are very aggressive when it comes to battle against one of these animals.

These are some interesting facts about the wolverine. Their scientific name is Gulo. They can travel up to 24 km (15 miles) in one day. Wolverines also steal a catch from a wolf or a bear that they have already killed. The can climb a tree if needed. Wolverines are nocturnal which means they hunt at night.


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