The Day I Got Kingston BY KEIRA H

It was a hot afternoon in early August and I could barely contain myself. Today would be the best day of my life. Today was the day that I would get my very own puppy. As fast I could possibly say something I said, “Mom I feel so excited I think I might pass out!” “You’ll be fine.” My mom said. “Guess what Keira?” My dad said. I was trying to think of what might be happening when he said. “Were here!” I was so excited I could have popped like a bubble bursting with joy. My breathing got heavy, and I started to feel light headed. It was finally happening. I was getting a dog.

I stepped inside the huge airport and took in a huge breath of air. We made our way to the luggage area where we would pick up, Kingston,our new dog. Six o-clock. “He will be here soon.” I said to myself over and over again. “Mom he was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago.” I started to worry, and my palms got sweaty, I felt like I was going to burst inside. “Keira he will be here soon.” My mom said.

Seven o-clock. I had not realized that an hour had gone passed already. forty-five minutes later I was almost ready to walk out of there when I noticed a large cream colored cage that was being carried over my way. “Do you think thats him mom?” I squealed excitedly. They brought the cage over and set it down. We slowly leaned towards the cage. A little black dog with big ears and a big snout was wagging his long slender tail. “Kingston!” I yelled excitedly.

We took our small puppy and headed outside to let him go to the bathroom. He would not go to the ground to walk so we had to carry him. We went outside where a huge spectacular water fountain was placed. We walked around slowly with Kingston finally on the ground pacing around the large court yard. Several minutes later we were headed for the car with our small puppy still quivering and shaking from the long and dark ride all of the way from Texas.

We jumped back into the car and started off. I knew right from the start that this would be a great ride home.

We had another dog before Kingston. His name was Diesel and he passed away when I was in fourth grade. He was with me all my life, so it was pretty hard.

Kingston LOVES when he gets human treats like peanut butter. He also likes to steal things like cake and pizza from off the counter.

Kingston sleeps in my room and on my bed. He loves to lay his head on my pillows and look out my window so he can bark at things.

Kingston is a little bit of a trouble maker. He likes to eat things he shouldn't. Here, the vet said that he probably tried to eat a bug, and that's why his face is super fat!

Kingston always has a good Halloween costume to show off when he helps answer the door for trick-or-treaters. This last Halloween, he was a Beanie Baby.

He is very fashionable. Here, he's sporting a sparkly grey beanie that he stole from me.

Kingston is a flat-coated retriever and is now three years old, and will be four this April. I'm looking forward to more funny stories that his mischievous soul will cause in the years to come!

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