Witches in fiction charmed Between Worlds/Salem falls

summary: A new time, the same hunt, a rumor had spread about Jack St. Bride. In Salem Falls everyone knows what happens to a witch.
In Salem Falls all it takes is for one person to say your guilty and then your a deadman walking.
Summary:Recent melting of buildings are occurring all around San Francisco. After further investigating the charmed ones discover that something is trying to destroy the wards between the worlds of the living and the dead using the untrained witch C.K.

The Charmed Manor

The Halloween manor has been in the family for millennia.
It is housed on what is known as a spiritual nexus.
The manor will see many fights between warlocks,monsters, and demons.
Despite all the house has been through it will see many future generations to come.
Piper the chef in the family is getting ready for the dinner party to be housed at the manor.
The menu is set and place cards made....
..dinner is served at the Halliwell Manor.

As time passed, a new generation was born, the Charmed ones may be gone, but they will never truly leave.

While spring cleaning in the attic a box is found left by the Charmed ones.
Full of memories to not be forgotten. The Charmed ones will always be there. Blessed be.


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