show not tell by tylah

I was in a race I was waiting on the sideline and then they called out year 4s I knew it was my time to race now. We lined up i heard the whistle blew i ran as fast as I canI heard people puffing And heard peoples foot diving on the groundAnd heard peoples foot diving on the ground I heard people flying through the air and bashing on the ground I Saw people leaping past me And I Saw so much people behind me And I Saw so much people behind meI Felt my legs aching like a elephant jumping on meI felt like i was dyingAnd i was going to full over I felt dizzy but i had to win this race there was nothing that would stop me If i was going to win that wins every year And I could hardly breath I felt like i was passing every one and then omg i passed the guy the wins most years and then i was so close to the finish line i had to be if i passed him i saw the finish line about 100 meters away i was so close and the i dived up the finish line and the he announced the winner and all the places the the people have come and then the announcer gave me the biggest trophy i've ever seen and some lollies and chips i went a second round and i sprint as fast as i could and went flying over the finish line then i won two rounds in a row

i was runing as fast as i can

i ran as fast as i can

i felt like i was going to win

i ran as fast as lightning

i felt like i was going to win i croosed the finish line and won


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