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this is the logo

This was the first step to making the final logo for the website. The idea for this came from what the website was going to have on it which was graffiti so when making the logo I chose to have the word "Graffiti" in Chinese as the typography is beautiful and can relate to the design of what graffiti can look like. at first the logo looked good with the black outline but then I wanted to add a bit of extra color and express it a bit more so I added the orange behind the white.

The logo went thru a couple of different stages when I started to make them as I wasn't to sure on what colors I wanted to use and if I wanted the white line on the font as it is. On top of that I didn't know if i wanted a box outline around the whole logo when it came to putting it on the website so i tried it and put it on the website which then didn't know so well with how the whole page looked so we decided the background of the logo would be the same color as the background on the website.

Logo Stage 2

After making the logo how it is with the background I wanted to then add something to make it a bit move eye catching so i added some random shapes and colors to make it stand out a bit when alone. After this I took away and added the shapes i wanted to out a outline for the shapes to make it stand out that much more but after putting it onto the website the colors didn't match all that well as we put in a color shifting background so then I match the colors up with the color fading background so give the look that the logo is moving and forming as the color changes.

Why Graffiti?

The reason we have chosen graffiti is because graffiti can be classed as vandalism but it is a hidden jem of art that we went out and found as every photo that is on the blog we have taken the best part about it all was the fact that we went out looking for the graffiti in different places

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