Competencies of Change Leaders Disposition and Characteristics

Disposition and characteristics go hand in hand in that they have to do with someone’s temperament, mentality, or personality.

The Six Characteristics of Change Leadership
  1. Low Level of Anxiety
  2. Emotional Stability
  3. Action Orientation
  4. Confidence
  5. Openness
  6. Risk Tolerance.

Source:, Retrieved March 06, 2017

People who are effective leaders of change as a result of possessing these characteristics are those who desire to be a part of a changing team culture, but does so while appearing capable of leading people in a positive direction.

Applying Concept to Business

It is critical to identify these characteristics of change leaders and institute these characteristics as the hiring criteria for future leaders because without these characteristics, it will be difficult for those they are trying to influence or encourage to stay the course.

Help your organization to build those characteristics into the culture of the organization and, in turn, help the leadership team discover and exploit new opportunities that will put the organization ahead of the competition.

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