Sharing Song with the Kids By Gerard Lopez

A new dynasty will emerge and it will restore peace to the area which will establish a period of peace. The new emperor will establish loyal governors in different regions. After all the challenging work of establishing a country is done the emperor will relax to a life of peace and splendor. The next stage is called the Aging Stage, since the predecessors of the first emperor are spoiled and corrupt. They institute high taxes and forsake their duties. This is the beginning of the end for the Chinese dynasty. After the gods remove the Mandate of Heaven from the Emperor. This comes in the form of famines, invasions, and floods, which causes the peasants to rebel. A revolutionary leader will establish a new dynasty, and the cycle will begin again.

Tang Dynasty Emperor

The Grand Canal was finished during the end of Post Classical China, which was the Sui Canal. The canal was the largest man made canal in the world. It linked the Yangtze and Huai River, meaning that it links north and south China. This brought much needed wealth to South China.

Scholars in Post-Classical China were extremely important to the effectiveness of their governments. All government officials were educated individuals that earned their place in the government. They did this through the civil service exam which was a rigorous test that was used to choose the best scholars in the empire. The exam would contain Confucius based questions that would test the individual's knowlage.

Belief systems were crucial to the well being of the government and the emperor. The emperor has the right to rule because of the Mandate of Heaven. This means that the gods give that person the right to rule. Once the people feel that the mandate of heaven is broken, they will rebel and overthrow the government.

The technological advancements that China made were some of the best in history. To name a few inventions there was the first printer that took the place of copiers, spinning wheel, and iron workings. One of the most notable inventions was gun powder which changed the face of warfare.

Trading in Post Classical China was increased due to the introduction of a larger merchant class. The merchants increased the trade in the Indian Ocean with Africa and Southeast Asia.

Relations with other countries such as Korea and Japan was seen as a younger and older brother. China was the older brother to Korea and Japan since both countries idolized China. They copied China's government and ideals.


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