A Time of Great Change If you wear a short enough skirt the party will come to you - Dorthy perker

Woman's Suffrage
"The new generation of activists argued that women deserved the vote because they were different from men. They could make their domesticity into a political virtue, using the franchise to create a purer, more moral “maternal commonwealth."


During this time women were finally starting to notice that they had a chance to prove that they were different, and they should have the same rights of men. All of this was sparked by the war when women were forced to work in jobs that were originally designed for men.

Harlem Renaissance
"Any benefit a burgeoning black contribution to literature might have in defraying racial prejudice was secondary to, as Langston Hughes put it, the “expression of our individual dark-skinned selves.”


During this time blacks were finally starting to be recognized more as "humans". They wrote books, poems and songs, that attracted the attention of "white" people. This time period of changed really helped to propel the movement that was just starting, the blacks would be recognized more throughout the following years.

End of Prohibition
"With the country mired in the Great Depression by 1932, creating jobs and revenue by legalizing the liquor industry had an undeniable appeal."


During this time period, America was in the midst of the great depression. Even though this might not have been the best thing, but some people looked to alcohol as their escape. By taking away alcohol it also destroyed jobs, which there were already so few of. By brining alcohol back the government can take tax out of it and try to make one more way of making money.

In this carton it depicts what crime was like during this time period. With alcohol being illegal, all that did was create a market for the underground sale of alcohol. Organized crime rings ran cities, politics, police, they had everyone on their side. When the 21st amendment came out and made alcohol legal again, it cut the largest flow of money to all of these organized crime rings, which I believe is one of the causes that there were fewer after the legalization.

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