Hey there, I'm Megan Morse! I'm the mama bear below.

These are my kids. My heart. My Family. My world. Photo Credit. Lucy Steiner Photography.

If you're reading this then you've come here to learn a little more about me, Megan Morse. Where do I start....

First, I am located in Panama City, FL but, of course, LOVE traveling. I am a wedding and family photographer with a candid/documentary approach. My style is timeless, fun, and carefree. I love making my clients laugh, it's the most beautiful thing a person can do. Want to know some other things I love.....

i LOVE dancing to ALL music.

i LOVE making myself look completely stupid because there is really no other way to live your life.

i LOVE smiling as much as my face allows. ;)

i LOVE sunsets…obviously.

i LOVE laughing at every hilarious thing my husband says.

i LOVE Color.Light.Color.Light.Color.Light!!!!

((Food)) i LOVE food!! and chocolate of course.

And you...my clients, my friends, the people that make this dream of mine a reality. I love you.

Although I have a true passion for photography, my first priority is my family. I have an amazing husband who keeps smiles on my face, four beautiful children that would die if I had a minute to myself, at least that's how they act, and a house full of love that never ceases to amaze me.

Every piece of my life is BEAUTIFUL and I thank the bad moments because they are responsible for the GREAT moments. I never go a day without thanking GOD for everything I have and all of his many blessings.



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Megan Morse


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