Starry lantern By: Patrick Paglia

It all started with an interest to add creativity to my room, I light candles a lot and wanted to have the light projected onto my walls and ceiling in clever ways. So I started by rolling out a slab of wet (plastic) clay.
I looked to Pinterest to expand my thought process and when I saw something like this illumating through the open holes I thought of what I could substitute for circles (the moon and stars)
After rolling to the thickness I wanted, I cut the clay into 5 squares that would later be attached to each other to be placed over a candle.
After a little bit of drying I had the clay at the perfect dryness at leather hard and was finally able to attach the squares together forming the shape of the lantern
I used a bit of slip (potter's glue) to touch up the sides of my lantern and properly place the pieces together.
After each class period I learned how to properly package the clay to keep it at the same level of dry I had it last class period without the clay completely drying.
Before I wasn't successful in fully wrapping the clay and spraying it with water so it wouldn't dry. This ultimately led to the failure of my first attempt. One day, with out wrapping it properly, my project dried to the bone dry stage and wasn't able to be molded into the ways I needed to use it. However I learned a lot from watching this happen to something I worked hard so I would consider this a success as well.
While the clay was in its leather hard phase, I used a carving tool to draw designs that I would cut from the clay. Each square acted as its own canvas.
I carved the moon and stars into the side because I have always loved the visual of the moon and stars together in space.
Next I would carve out the night time into my lantern and after finishing the side and I sat back and admired the way it finally came out, I liked how it looked after putting hard work into it.
Although my story doesn't end here with my project, this is as far as I've gotten so far because of the minor set back I experienced. I will finish the lantern and have it show the cycle of a day.

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