Vitamins and Minerals Jacob Bunker

Water Soluble: Able to dissolve in water.
Vitamin C: Protects body against infection. Sources: Strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes and citrus fruits. Deficiency: Scurvy.
Vitamin B (Folic Acid): Helps the body make new cells. Source: Dark green leafy vegetables. Deficiency: Spine Bifida.
Fat Soluble: Able to dissolve in fat.
Vitamin K: Helps blood clot normally. Source: Dark green leafy vegetables. Deficiency: Bleeding and bruising.
Vitamin A: Promotes good vision, hair and skin. Source: Red, orange, and dark green vegetables. Deficiency: Night blindness.
Vitamin D: Builds and maintains bones and teeth. Source: Milk/Dairy products and sunlight. Deficiency: Rickets.
Vitamin E: Protects the membrane of white and red blood cells. Source: Vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables. Deficiency: Poor nerve connection and neurological problems.
Calcium: Strengthens bones and teeth. Source: Milk/Dairy, whole grains. Deficiency: Osteoporosis.
Iron: Helps make red blood cells, helps our muscles store and use oxygen. Source: Animal products, meat. Deficiency: Anemia.
Sodium and Potassium: Maintains fluid balance in the body. Source: Salt, fruits and vegetables. Deficiency: Muscle cramps, irregular heart beat and seizures.
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